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 Not to be all nitpicky or anything, but heroin DEFINITELY has some positive effects. Just... they're rather short-term.
 Good analysis. As iPhone saturation increases, the percentage of early adopters decreases.
 I have to strongly disagree with your logic. Some of my favorite albums took more than a few complete listens before I could realize how good they were. Some of them, before being given a few chances, I even thought were downright horrible. So iOS 7 is indeed different, and I understand why y'all are so terrified of trying something new and different, but you'll find your way over eventually. And I'd be willing to bet that those who do grudgingly make the switch will love...
I think it's the color palette. Nothing I've seen in Mavericks makes me think that all those pastels are pointing to OS X.
Subscription services for eBooks? It almost seems funny that I haven't seen this done yet. I don't personally read books fast enough for this to ever be worth it, but I'd be buying stock this very moment if it were publicly traded.
 I hope someone can answer this. I'd really like to know.
 Oh, really? When do I get my check?
I've been using Simple as my bank for just under a year and love it. It's really cool to see them pushing limits and making headlines.  :D   The Jumio thing sounds like crap.
 The first line made me laugh pretty hard; the second line ruined it. Less is more, my friend.
 I agree completely. In fact I read this article hoping beyond hope that they were current gens... but really I knew better.
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