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  I read your post and appreciated the breakdown, but it's rather difficult to attach meaning to a percentage.  The ever-diminishing size of the transistor (not a chip) is a very relevant and simple means to express the value of space within today's electronic devices.  The 0.08% figure does little to impute this sense of value.
Seriously?  Look at the blue area removed from the current micro-SIM and tell me, how many thousands (millions?) of transistors do you suppose you could fit inside that removed area?  32nm is pretty damn small...   Every nanometer counts.
  iPhone users use less data but they somehow make up 95% of all web traffic?  I'm curious how this adds up.
Yeah, so... there has always been markup associated with the importing of goods.  There are all sorts of middle-men along the way that demand a cut.  Australia is the furthest from anywhere and most likely to feel the brunt of this effect.   So it sounds like the Australian government just wants everyone to do the math for them, on the record.  But... then what?  Will they try to enforce how much of a cut everyone gets?  Try to minimize the number of middle-men?...
I keep wondering what it would take for the Mac App Store to really take off. I think that integration with the iOS counterpart would go a long way.   For example, pull all app management out of iTunes and stick it in the Mac App Store, and just call it "App Store" like they do on my phone.
Do we know what 10.7.4 brings to the table?  Are there tangible improvements, or is this just a stability update?
At my company, we can't access wifi with personal devices. I want to get an iPad just to see how I can make use of it at work... like maybe with iWork on the pad and then iCloud.com on my work desktop, but that's not a particularly good reason to drop $500. :P
Did anyone else notice the revamped forums?  I had been wondering what happened to the "comments" section on the last few posts...   Anyway, thinner is better.  WOOT!
Wow, excellent response. Thank you very much for your input. I'm curious to see how Apple implements this, and whether they can design a sufficient "lip" around the glass as you described without detracting from design aesthetics or usability.
How will this material improve our mobile devices? Why do we want our metals to retain more energy? What design implications does this have? (My apologies if all these things are explained in the video, but I am unable to watch it with sound.)
New Posts  All Forums: