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I know that somone already asked that but i would appreciate an answer.
i tried getting repairs here in okinawa but the original warranty only covers the u.s. since i already had to replace the midplane board and apple let me keep my original midplane board, i think that someone can probably consolidate the two bad boards into one good board. Is this possible?
yeah, this is a tech question. I have an imac g5 17" 1.8. The problem is that as one day after i bought and used the adapter to connect to my tv, the computer stopped working. it froze so i restarted it and i wouldn't even here chimes. after three weeks i tried turning it on again and it worked. I already had the midplane board before this incident. Whenever i try turing it on, all i hear is the fans working. I already tried everything up to opening the computer and...
where is the best place that i can sell a imac g5 1.8 ghz midplane board? i have one that doesn't particularly work and i believe that the graphics card is the problem. who buy's that kind of stuff?
what are the PC's Settings? he is using windows xp
Hey you all, What comes after 10.9? I mean, steve jobs introduced OSX in 1999 and that means it's been out for five years. what do you think the next operating system is going to be based on? Is apple going to go on with the open source vission that they currently have? will there be at least a beta by the time i get discharged from the service in 2007? Speculations? Will osx be based on Palm os? Linux? Windows?
nx7oe is back and i would request to be a moderator. please?
Hey, waz up? I'm the guy who is in the Marine Corps. and again, i am F#cked up again. wow, isn't that a surprise. well, i am in south korea and i am having a seisure due to soju with grape. don't get me wrong, i am loving it nice sharing mac stories. i am a mac loyalist. here, we just installed 10 GB ethernet. wow. I love the USMC. Peace Out.
i say, you just give it to me for free. nx7oe is back. by the way, that smiley is you
hey i'm here in japan. i'm a marine and i'm messed up because of alcohol.i will probably post later on when i'm not messed up because i want to buy a computer. i want a mac but anything that has pornography will do just fine i really don't give a rat's @ss right now because i am drunk on hennesy, hypnotic, bacardi 151, in general, doing marine things. well, i'm here proteccting all your @sses from communisim. By the way, it sucks here and i wish i were in iraq doing some...
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