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By the way, if smartphones are going to have 'team colour', which colour would be for each brand?   Apple - black? Samsung -blue LG - red and white HTC - light green and white Nokia - blue (lighter shade than Samsung) Sony - black Microsoft - quadcolour? Google Nexus - red, blue and yellow   What else?
That is one plausible case. Only if the rumours about trobles of switching suppliers are true, and that Cook need more time to get all ducks in the row and see that Apple still has the same amount of output without Samsung.   In the meantime, Samsung might as well won 2012 Smartphone Championship this season and already tied Samsung Blue ribbon on the ears of the trophy, like this;   Don't be too worry though. It is only for one season. 2013 should be back to Apple Black...
What would happen if 'It's Almost There' sign is actually for iMac, and not iPhone?   P.S. no more optical drive for iMac in this release, right?
Well, I am saying Jobs and Gates can be look at as both side of the same coin. One has what the ther lacks.
Seeing how Nexus Pad and Kindle change into, it might be a good thing that Android tablets and iPad are now part ways and found their own customers. Android tablets for media consumptions. Kindle for Amazon's contents. iPad morphing into baby laptops.
Maybe, but anantksundaram's attitude and grating languages make it harder for me not to cross that line.
True, an Bill Gates was one of the best project executer in his time. If you have Jobs at the front presenting and selling, and Gates in the back running the office, what would that be?
Please don't tell me Apple without Jobs is like Beatles without John, or The Who without Townsend...
Probably not. iPad mini and Kindle cater to different customers.
People got too much time and too much coffee on their hands waiting in unemployment queues or sulking in coffee bars, which they said one-third of AI regulars are.
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