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Don't look like that where I live. Where are you?
Spies in Apple can do the same thing.   But is it possible that Microsoft been sat on WP8 for a while, and only release it now to catch the coattail of Apple fever?
Still look too close to their old Lumia. And what woul they do for customers who bought 600, 800 and 900 who are now cut loose? Buyers ran away as soon as they heard that their old Lumia won't have software upgrade and non-English keyboards.
How long your contract left then? Can you wait until after New Year and, hopefully, Post New Year Discount?
  Hardware, absolutely. Mindset will take a lot longer to change.   Can Samsung really do it with Asia and Europe market while leaving North America to Apple? If Samsung can do that, they won't have to worry.   The only way I can see the table turned is the fight breaks out among Apple's executive, similar to the Nokia Civil War between House of E and House of N sometimes between 2002-2005.
Do we have enough 3GS owner holding out to get that sales number? The general opinion on this board says 4 and 4S owners will sit this one out and wait for iPhone 5S.
And one PC for every individual will be things of the past, for one PC now enough to support the entire house?
With Sharp dying and all the troubles with switching suppliers, I don't think Apple will have enough stock. So off-the-shelves, non-preorder wouldn't be available until after Feb 2013. I don't know if they can even deliver 10 million before Christmas.
Activists on the warpath aren't they?   Aple and Samsung already reimburse their suppliers over this. Now who else going to the the target?
It's just how government behaves. The wild card for Apple would be that this is an election year. Neither Romney nor Obama will want to get on Samsung's side and appear to be against the interest of an American company. So Apple vs. Samsung, along with Fiscal Cliff, may have to wait after the Inauguration.   Still, anyone remembered what triggered Department of Justice to attack, convinced them that 'Gosh, Microsoft is really going for it'?
New Posts  All Forums: