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Galaxy II is a little big. But try holding iPhone 4 and a smaller, 3.5-inch screen Galaxy Cooper in your hand. I can't tell difference on size and weight between Cooper and iPhone 4.
That's well and good. But could Samsung please get Kie 2.0 working properly first? Right now no Bada model below S8500 Wave could access address book, app store and whatnot without downgrading to 1.5. All dumb phones can sync just fine but not entry-level Bada handset like Wave 525? Odd.
450USD is around 517 in Kiwi. Have you get jfanning to fly over to Bangkok? A Hong Kong-spec whole work for iPhone 3GS here sold around NZ$510. The package includes ear bud, box, USB cable and a wall charger. They are all unlocked from the factory so no jailbreaking required. Restore it with iTunes stateside and none would be the wiser. And make that NZ$913 for iPhone 4. The same factory-unlocked set.
I had a feeling that one day, iTunes users will be made to upgrade their OS like when SL came out. PowerPC users were basically told that 'BUY INTEL MAC ALREADY'. So one day new iPod will come out with no backward compatibility beyond 10.0, with iTunes 12 or what have you drop WinXP version, buyers on XP and Tiger machines will whine, and the answer for Windows iTunes will be either 'BUY WINDOWS 7' or 'BUY A MAC'. I won't put it past Apple not to pull that.
Depends on how good the phone actually is. N8 is running rag against rampaging Galaxy series (mini to S) and cut-price Galaxy SL has the ฿13,000 bracket sewn up since January. The Symbian marquee model N8 was butchered by Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4 and HTC DEsire here. It's beyond help so let's move on. If Nokia need something to hold the fort until N9 is ready this November, then do it. Old X6 still has more weight in the market for being a more complete package than...
New Posts  All Forums: