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I am not returning it and I will express my opinion as you do.  The entire experience of the remote and the lack of support by the Remote app demonstrate lack of planning.  I am hopeful that Apple will take their finger out and fix the remote App compatibility issue.  The Remote App has similar overshoot issue as this remote but I really like the Remote on my AppleWatch.  Apple seems to be thinking only from those who want to use the device for gameplay i.e. the physical...
I am a bit disappointed with my new ATV. The app store is a great start but the remote is poor at best and if that was an insult already: the Remote app does not support the new AppleTV OUCHHHHH
I could not agree more... If wifi is not working properly then I would like to know before using cell data.  Apple made a mistake turning this feature on by default.  I have been telling anyone who is not on unlimited plan to turn it off.
I wish there was a way to have the "Desktop site" by default.  I JUST HATE it when websites take away my zooming capabilities.  HATE IT.  Any ideas?
I have been using this function on iPad Air2 with FaceTime and it is just natural.  A job well done by Apple.
"Yes, We can" customize it for both arms and also customize which side are the buttons.
The PCM was designed for pre 2000 and probably first gen blackberry users. It is difficult and unforgiving to use. I have a Cayanne and was going to switch to Merc when time to upgrade in 2016 so I hope Porsche get their act together by end of 2016.
Does who cannot afford it should wait and have all the sessions online soon after the events.  The real benefits of this critical annual event is to network and have the opportunity to get involved in Q&A and hear what is coming down the road in person (most people learn and appreciate better when they hear it from a person directly).   Lastly, I recall Microsoft sessions where far more expensive and one still had to pay thousands for the development tools and for...
lies lies lies... I have never had a problem and neither have anyone I know who also prefers ApplePay security.  I cannot wait as all registers go NFC enabled by end of this year so I can use ApplePay just about every where that matters.
 Yes I believe it is wrong for the ISPs to sell me bandwidth and then turn around and charge me again via the backdoor.  Your argument that consumers paying for their bandwidth is not sufficient for the ISPs to make a profit and invest in the future does not hold water by simply looking at the company valuations for ISPs and how ISPs fight tooth and nail to ensure there is no or little competition.  Why is it that ISPs do not approach the finance issue honestly and raise...
New Posts  All Forums: