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I think the point is that the vendors will continue to figure a way to track us and I consider it my job to make it harder at each step.  I have "Glimmer Blocker" (a personal firewall - so webpages or an app cannot access given websites) on my Apple MBP and I keep adding the url for many sites to it.  I also have AddBlockerPlus and it is amazing how much is getting blocked.  Lastly, I use "DoNotTrackMe" and it provides redirected email addresses so websites where I have to...
Remember, Apple is not rolling out ApplePay so I doubt if Apple will do anything beyond providing the capability and some marketing.  It is the credit cards or large merchants that will do the rollout.  I hope Apple is working on international rollout such as Europe where NFC has more widely rolled out.  The biggest challenge to ApplePay is the lack of NFC terminals and probably the cost of a terminal so vendors will make the investment.
I think we will always need 16GB for those who are not taking pictures or videos or at least they think they don't need the extra memory.  This will cover a lower entry price and allows buyers to appreciate the quality of the phone and the ecosystem.
I am surprised for the lack of articles on how people are option for the 64GB models to ensure future updates are easier without having to delete photos and videos or even apps.  The extra $100 no matter the model must help with the margins.
Nope... Apple should only sell products that are completing the EcoSystem.  Fitbit has decided to go against HealthKit and that is enough to drop them like a piece of coal.  The decision by Fitbit is annoying as hell to existing customers.  I am trying to get a refund without success.
Google or SameShit or many other copy cats need to actually spend time and design something.  Copying Apple design work and adjusting parameters and throwing it against the wall is not the same as design. It is public knowledge what android phone were designed before the day iPhone was released and what happened within  a year.  Unless you are paid by the likes of SameShit then you really need stop allowing them to brain wash you.  THINK FOR YOURSELF.  Unless you are the...
Sadly this only covers doors that have separate bolt-lock and door handle.  Many apartment buildings have the dead-bolt lock and handle in one so I am out of lock.   One of the reasons for the larger size is to allow the unit to operate existing dead-bolt (i.e. maintain existing keys) which is critical in apartment buildings where the building management needs to have access to the unit in case of an emergency.  I am hoping they will eventually support single lock/handle...
AHHHH I wish they would fix that.  I rather have a slower performance and hot suffer from reloads. My iPads has enough memory to use main storage instead of RAM when necessary.  This should be a configurable option.  The only stupidity I can think of from Apple stable. 
I agree 4K content remains a dream as HD content was when HD TVs appeared.  Just so we are on the same, I said scaleable resolution meaning content should be easily resize to fit the display actual resolution.  The current iPad res is not easily scalable to HD or 4K.  Notice how Apple has the ip6+ scalable to exact HD resolution while IP6 is using the old resolution.
I think Apple has started to move all of its displays to higher res and more easily scalable to HD and 4K.  Only reason against the change would be availability of the display from manufacturers so this is a matter of when.
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