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I would rather find out what more will the Co-processor be doing :-)
Thank you for taking the time to share.  I tried it and within a few minutes the wifi disappeared and I had to bounce it and it is working again. To others wondering why I made the statement about the issue: Apple's mgmt should hear this remains a PAIN for their customers and hopefully they will allocate more resources to fix it permanently.
I have a MacbookPro with multiple screen watching various charts updating automatically and suddenly without notice I realize the chart data is not updating or when I click on a website the information does not show up fast.  I often think it might be just a slow site or the net is clogged up and after a few more seconds I check the Wifi icon and notice it is inactive.   I have to disable WIFI and enable WIFI and I am back withins seconds.  The recent patch improve the...
This is all nice and dandy... BUT PLEASE FIX THE WIFI ISSUE ON OS X
 Count me in too...
No it does not...  I tried them and ended up returning them...
It is a security issue... Bluetooth was designed for persistent communication over a period of time with lower security requirements versus NFC which is more about short burst of data exchange specially with Passive devices (which ApplePay tries to make it more secure with TouchId).
ApplePay already works in cabs in NYC
Let's not forget the Criminal Insider Trading by the top executive...
Get an iWatch or upgrade to 6s :-)
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