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Apple can use as much of my personal data as they want--so long as it stays on my phone!
Not in the San Francisco Bay Area, where these drivers work (and live, if they can afford it).
The FuelBand sounds like it is similar to the Nike+ Move app in its inaccuracy.  The app says I get more than twice as much exercise taking the exact same hike if my phone is in the side pocket of my utility kilt, as compared to when the phone is in a fanny pack.  It’s somewhere in between if the phone is in my front pants pocket.  I suspect with the FuelBand, you'd get far more exercise points if you take a walk with arms swinging normally, as compared to the same walk...
I hope they also enable the credit card chip readers on those fancy new devices. As of last week, they hadn't at my local store, even though they've had the new equipment for months.
So long as it doesn't ruin the experience of those who don't have stereoscopic vision, I'm fine with it.  It needs to be an option that can be turned off in the Accessibility settings.
I was just noticing Apple's recent sales and profits, and their record pre-orders for the new iPhones.  Cook keeps winning no matter what they say.
Quote:The Runkeeper app has this same problem when attempting to pull data from the M7.  It will note short walks/runs but often will ignore a 2 hour session.  Very annoying.  It's not quite as bad as when the app first was updated to use the M7, but it's still a major problem.  It appears Breeze uses the same bad code.
Even cheap, back-level Android phones do AAC.  But I do agree that the option should be available.
Quote: FirstTech sold Apple's first personal computer in 1972 Wow, that's truly impressive! They've been selling them since 4 years before the first one was even made!
New Posts  All Forums: