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OK OK so i was just there to cause a reaction so what, dont flip ur lid have a chill pill also just a note when insulting people: let ur momma do it just as soon as she gets my tiny dick out of her mouth :eek:
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
what you mean 300000 k is not enough also i dont give a rats ass about what is in the paste board coz it saves it anyway its just that god damned message that doesn't go away!!!!!
does anyone know how to get rid of the annoying error you get when you leave photoshop and it tells you the clipboard is too big to export?
look when this thread started it was meant as a joke against americans and all you are doing is talking seriously??? why??? who cares whos fat plump dumpy bean pole or what ever the point that was being made is that americans are lazy not individuals so dont call me all the names but you are very lazy in an earlier link about the bombs this is depicted clearly (faulty batteries) now you would rather kill your selves than do things properly its insane and if it was just a...
after cutting and pasting in photoshop i go back into the finder to be told that an export or something is too big it annoying anyone know how to get rid of it ta
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