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Buy a verb so we can solve the puzzle.
Kevin Smith? Is Silent Bob a developer?
With just a little electrical tape - say just enough to cover a camera lens - this could provide loads of entertainment for the nonvirtual folks standing in line!
Still even better, a Samsung tablet. Because someone might steal your rock.
I prefer the new American word for trash - basura.
You sir, do not recognize a good time when you see it. Hot and steamy in my pants? - that's a party! Now let me turn my iPhone to vibrate...If I think about it, surely I can find some other battery-powered personal device where moisture and heat are welcome additions.
That's pretty close, but you need to throw in a measure of Brother Theodore.
Same people who buy the racing form at the track, or listen to their stockbroker's tips.
So...I guess that Tim knows a guy that knows a guy...hey, it would be a shame if anything were to happen to a certain building.
It's after midnight all over the world? Amazing!
New Posts  All Forums: