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I thought everyone had to agree with the license agreement when they updated their software. If you don't read the small print, how is this Apple's fault?
 Wouldn't you also think that virtually all of their PC users had extensive PC experience in their personal lives?  However, as is often the case, interpreting data is the challenge.
Buy a verb so we can solve the puzzle.
Kevin Smith? Is Silent Bob a developer?
With just a little electrical tape - say just enough to cover a camera lens - this could provide loads of entertainment for the nonvirtual folks standing in line!
Still even better, a Samsung tablet. Because someone might steal your rock.
I prefer the new American word for trash - basura.
You sir, do not recognize a good time when you see it. Hot and steamy in my pants? - that's a party! Now let me turn my iPhone to vibrate...If I think about it, surely I can find some other battery-powered personal device where moisture and heat are welcome additions.
That's pretty close, but you need to throw in a measure of Brother Theodore.
Same people who buy the racing form at the track, or listen to their stockbroker's tips.
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