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So...I guess that Tim knows a guy that knows a guy...hey, it would be a shame if anything were to happen to a certain building.
It's after midnight all over the world? Amazing!
Sorry, my attempt at humor. I only meant to mock those critical of a nonexistent problem. In retrospect, I see where I wasn't clear.
See, here is another example that shows that they just don't get it. If I'm listening to music, Sirius is a poor choice compared to what I have on my iPhone. All I have to do is pick one song and generate a Genius Playlist. I can guarantee there is not one song on my iPhone that I don't like. Can't say the same for the Sirius channels - they can't even stick to the right genre most days.Let me say it where they can possibly understand -1) I don't want to learn a new...
I haven't noticed anyone else talk about this. I thought I was the only one who had this problem. Also, I end up changing the volume when trying to click the power button. I just assumed that I was holding it wrong!
I kinda like selfie sticks, it lets me know right up front who I'm dealing with. It's also easier than the alternative - using a Sharpie to write "dickhead" on people's foreheads. Perhaps we should just call these people "selfie dicks"? If you own a selfie stick and I have offended you, I apologize, but someone had to tell you. (I thought about Googling "selfie dick" to see if anyone was already using that term, but I took a second and realized that the search results...
Sorry I wasn't clear. I had it right in my head, it just didn't come out that way. My first two observations were about the Craig & Karl piece. I was attempting to show that that piece was more reminiscent of other artists works, more so than resembling the work of Britto. The last comment was about the pictures of Britto's art that was posted - while it too reminded me of the work of Peter Max, it additionally reminded me of Picasso's work. Sometimes I don't say what...
My favorite is Royal Doulton which early on produced salt glazed sewer pipes!
Maybe, but at least one was really Pissarro'd
My immediate first reaction was that the artwork at the top of the article appeared to be art a pop art twist on The Creation Of Adam.The artist it most reminded me of was Peter Max. I was wondering if I was the only one that saw this. I assumed no one else noticed it because they were too young to remember Peter Max.Additionally I noticed a significant influence by Picasso. How can someone whose art is so derivative claim trade dress infringement? I'm not saying his...
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