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My recent experience is contrary to your assertions. I had a bogus debit card transaction reversed recently (thanks Home Depot!), and it was definitely not "no questions asked". First, my bank sent me to the local police department to report the fraud. With a case number in hand, my bank would now reverse the charge. Later, the merchant challenged the reversal, and I had to provide a written letter to my bank to dispute the merchants claims. Luckily, the fraudulent...
Yes, but the touchscreens require force to use... frankly these aren't the phones you are looking for.
Perhaps as Guy LeDouche?
Every time I see MCX, I read it as MXC. I don't think there's that much difference, it appears Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship are still running the show.
The computer or the person? Both equally interesting ideas!
Uh... large gloves?
941 taxes are federal.
So, no 941 taxes, no state taxes?
I think I understand what he means. The solid apple symbol stands out like one bold character in a line of normal text. An outlined apple symbol would be much lighter and wouldn't stand out as much.
No. Not perfect, just careful and learn to not repeat past mistakes. If I lose that password that I use once a year, you can damn well be sure it won't be forgotten the next year. Also wonder how you only use a password once a year for government taxes that often are paid quarterly, biweekly, weekly, etc.As far as your self assessment, you'll get no argument from me.
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