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Okay everyone is sharing their opinion of YouTube, what does everybody think about Vimeo? I'm not a frequent user of either service, just would like the perspective of others.
Freeloader. Just wanting others to develop content so they can sell it :-pWow! This is a fun game can we play some more?
Don't want it here. Last thing you want is some idiot lighting up a joint in your trailer - ether and a lit joint don't mix. (they actually do, just not in a good way)
I wonder if ObamaNet will be as great as ObamaCare? Will they promise me that the price of my internet access won't increase? Will the quality of my internet access not be negatively impacted? Do I get to keep my internet provider? These clowns can make Skynet seem all warm and fuzzy!
Tim Cook invents the "cashbucket challenge"?
So, I guess...these are not the 'droids we are looking for?
Uncertain if this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Somebody help me out. I need a point of reference. What is the mAh capacity of the batteries in an iPhone 6 and 6+?
So basically the plaintiffs position is... "Do you see what happens, Larry, WHEN YOU F*** A STRANGER IN THE ASS? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, LARRY! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU F*** A STRANGER IN THE ASS!"
I don't see where this affects the developers' revenue. The way that I read it, the VAT is added on after the sale price is set by the developer, so the developer is making the same money no matter where the app is sold. The final price to the consumer - the price listed in the App Store - changes from country to country to reflect different VAT rates. This seems similar (but not identical) to sales tax in the states. Different states charge different sales tax rates,...
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