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Uncertain if this is a good thing or a bad thing?
Somebody help me out. I need a point of reference. What is the mAh capacity of the batteries in an iPhone 6 and 6+?
So basically the plaintiffs position is... "Do you see what happens, Larry, WHEN YOU F*** A STRANGER IN THE ASS? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, LARRY! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU F*** A STRANGER IN THE ASS!"
I don't see where this affects the developers' revenue. The way that I read it, the VAT is added on after the sale price is set by the developer, so the developer is making the same money no matter where the app is sold. The final price to the consumer - the price listed in the App Store - changes from country to country to reflect different VAT rates. This seems similar (but not identical) to sales tax in the states. Different states charge different sales tax rates,...
I believe you are right. You should have the right to use the hardware any way you see fit. The software that runs your iPod is a different story. You don't own the software on your iPod, you only have a license to use the software. And unfortunately for you, to use this license, you had to agree to terms of use. So go ahead and use your hardware any way you like, just realize you are going to have to find someone to write some new software.
That's a tough target demographic - Bose has to make them a customer before the undertaker does. On the other hand what other streaming service can monetize their service with ads for Medicare part B supplements?
Won't matter. Mexico had already stormed our country and we'll just get them to rebuild the White House...at a really good price! Alguien sabe donde el Home Depot es?
Can't believe that anyone other than Putin was even considered. Not that I admire him, it's just no one else is impacting the world as much as he is . He is single-handedly changing the face of the map and world politics.
Okay, now your original statement now makes sense. Conversation should be the basic tool that an officer relies on.However I still disagree. Why bet on a losing course of action? It would be hard to take, but I would take any amount of harassment. There would be not one possible outcome that would be positive if I lashed out. Not one.
Perhaps police violence is an issue of human nature without any reference to race. Let's see what Zimbardo or Milgram would have to say. Sometimes people treat other people horrifically because of the position they are assigned or because it's what they were instructed to do. Nah, let me put the lid back on that can of worms...
New Posts  All Forums: