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Nice analogy!  Didn't realize you were CEO of McDonald's (as that's the only way your analogy make sense)! Oh yes, almost forgot, say hello to the block list.
Can't wait to see what Tim Cook tweets from his Note 3!
There is already an app called Oyster for the iPad - its an app that shows actual pictures of hotels and resorts (as opposed to pictures by the hotels or by the guests), along with general information and cursory reviews.  Now if I recommend this app to a friend, I'll have to tell them, "No, it's not the Oyster app about ebooks, keep looking."  
He wasn't lying, he was using a Jedi mind trick - "these are not the droids you are looking for"
Perhaps. After all, a polished turd is really no better than a plain one.
Your name makes this an even better joke!
I believe you may have missed my point. This is unlocking done when you hand them the keys.They started with a perfect print. They knew where to look for it. They knew whose print it was. They didn't have to throw out other prints from other people. They didn't have to throw other prints from the other fingers of the correct person. When you give someone so many unnatural advantages, yes they will succeed. Like I said, if I tell you all four digits of my passcode,...
We assumed you wouldn't give up that easy, and good lord, it would have to be better!Yeah, we were gonna give you that one too.Talk about a gift no one wants!That was brave, if there had been a bus accident, they could have wiped out every last person in their user base.
Unlocking the iPhone with a staged print - perfect print and they know this is the exact fingerprint that they need - is like telling someone which four numbers I use in my unlock code and seeing if they can unlock my iPhone. I'll say it's hacked when they do this in the wild. Until then this is just technological stage magic. Nothing to see here, move along.
Wouldn't that be "fingercuffed fingers"?
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