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Missed it.
Wow, over 90 posts and not one "yippee-ki-yay motherf--ker!"  This time John McClane saves the world for real!
No, no, no.  Sales are supposed to be smooth, not production!
That sounds very convenient, but personally it would take me a while to get used to this.  I would feel so uneasy just walking into a store picking up merchandise and leaving.  Even though I know that I paid, in the back of my mind, I would almost feel like a shoplifter.  I feel a need for a human being to acknowledge the sale.  I can't adequately explain it.
Someone help me with this.  I'm not sure if these are settings that the user controls, or if these are settings forced onto the device by the location.  The phrase "enforcement of policies upon a wireless device" implies the latter.  I can see the usefulness of this as it enforces the rules of the location (school , theaters, work, etc.) as to how you can use your device, but would be concerned as who has control this.
  Down here is Texas. And you're right, but you have to watch those qualifiers. (see bolded phrases above)     I understand that, but I was not really talking to the specific situation.  Though that does remind me of a funny situation a few years ago, a local policeman pulled his gun on a man naked in public - I wonder where he thought he was concealing his weapon?
Agreed, but just make sure the bullets fired at the robber weren't fired from a great distance and didn't hit them in the back. The truth is I hate thieves, but I don't want to shoot anyone. I just want them to be caught and punished. On the other hand, anyone who shoots a thief deserves a medal. Okay, so I'm conflicted.
Sorry you can't shoot someone down here just to protect your property...now if you said you thought your life was in danger, well now we have a reason to change clips.
When I first saw the headline, I jumped to the wrong conclusion. My first thought was that it was the new iPhone and involved a bar and Gizmodo.
New Posts  All Forums: