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Except for the ones they sell that are identical in every respect but are white...well at least my local Office Depot does.
So unlike it states in the article, they didn't get his iCloud email address from the Google account recovery page first? This theft would not be possible without this information first. I'll have to try reading it again...Also, is it painful when someone attacks your google?
Hey guys! Is this the training session for Apple geniuses? What?...casting call...new Apple commercial? Sorry, thanks I'll try down the hall.
I realize the actual problem here, and corrections do need to be made, but why is it that only Amazon and Apple are held to blame for this incident? Google was a key part of this identity theft and somehow they managed to escape the headline. With the Gizmodo connection with this person...well, it just seems suspect. Am I the only one seeing this? Or am I just paranoid?
I have always been fond of stereo!Will bumper cases be available!Your holding it wrong!
Or at the very least, karma.
Wouldn't that...in effect...make you a Flashist dictator?
Or perhaps it was because the country helping Vietnam rebuild after the war was Russia - think of the difference in West German industry and East German industry.
Sorry, but I thought that needed something extra.
I guess because you kind of liked the idea that Jesus ate with the sinners, and that's maybe how you like to think of yourself.
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