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Yes but only in your view. Interesting, maybe. Helpful to their case, not at all. I looked at what the "evidence" and frankly Samsung is grasping at straws. The evidence shown was not even similar to the Apple patents. It wasn't even close. Sad.
This almost seems like a warning that they were copying the iPhone too much already, and that they need to back off a little. You can just about read this as an admission of guilt. If I were Samsung's lawyers, I wouldn't have told this.
They're kidding right. I'm sorry but I just don't see it. Is this the best Samsung's lawyers can do?
Like I said the reality of what you can find, is in this case worse than what you can imagine. Only solutions I can think of are head trauma (been there, done that, no t-shirt but I did get titanium plates) or our old friend electro-convulsive therapy (not tried).
Perhaps it's because Apple used to announce new products with an actual release date weeks, if not months in the future. Now they have shortened the cycle with the availability of new products being immediately or at the most, a couple of weeks. When production is ramped up before the product is announced it increases the chances for leaked information and parts. Whereas before, photos of parts for an already announced product do not garner much attention.I definitely...
I was thinking Susan Estrich with a black wig.
Ouch! Too far! Too far!Okay maybe not THAT adult. Eeeeww...I could google that to see exactly what you're talking about, but I'm sure reality is a lot worse than my imagination...not that I'm judging...
Sorry my mind was going in different direction with cosplay...more adult oriented...
Well done. That painted quite a polished picture in my head. You really caught the essence of those ads.
Wow, this is the first reference to cosplay I have seen in AI. This is starting to be real divergent group here.
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