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Wow, this is the first reference to cosplay I have seen in AI. This is starting to be real divergent group here.
Enema opinion, that sounds uncomfortable.
Keyboard? Hell! What about the beverage! Get your priorities in order.
I like that idea! Even though futile, it would still be a fun exercise - kind of like yelling at the television! Can we have it? Pretty please!
I'm confused. I assume you are talking about using your iPhone.  Connecting to the network is done through the Settings app (Settings-->Wi-Fi), not Safari.  My home network is protected and connection is automatic after the first time.  Perhaps your issue is with a password protected firewall where you work? 
You are new here. See Apple Newton for notifications.
Which annoying American accent - there are so many. I'm sure my Texas drawl is quite annoying, but I find a lot of regional American accents unpleasant. The exception, besides the Texas drawl to which I am accustomed, is that breathy southern accent from the South Carolina. It's just so soft spoken and easy on the ears. As far as other accents in English, I find the variety spoken in Scotland also pleasing to listen to, but I can't understand half of what they're...
Maybe you should change your name to something less...suggestive. How about "Peter"?
I disagree. That was a pitiful attempt. We are usually used to a better class of...shall we say people who bend the truth...here in the forum. Usually when you make a post you don't put evidence that disproves your post in the same post. At least make us check your previous posts in incongruencies. If your not going to try, it's really not any fun.Anyway, he's going to the block list as he has spent all his credibility - after that you can't take him seriously.
I guess I'd have to check my scsi-drive to make sure I had the right drivers. If not, I'd have to reload them off of floppies?
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