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Hahahahahahahahaha!! Some people just know how to tell a good joke! Hahahahahahahahaha!!
Perhaps one reason is because on time deliveries are not headline material - in many cases in the news, usually the events that are reported are only when things go bad.
I was thinking more like mud flaps, skid plates, grill guards, and roll bars with lighting packages...With new shocks you're gonna want to go off-roadin'...or at least muddin'.
My original premise was only meant to say that there have been some communities which have always been Spanish speaking, which I believe is true, and that this differs from immigrant communities which speak other languages. I was not trying to state an absolute as far as all Spanish speaking communities. I think we try to see things as either one way or the other, and in reality things are seldom that way.  I apologize if I overstated my case, I did not mean to speak in...
You are way too serious, read it again slowly and think about it, he was making a joke. I will admit my first reaction was the same as yours though, until I asked myself, "of all the phones why did he pick that one?"
That's California, think Texas instead. Both Spain and later Mexico encouraged colonization of what is now Texas as a buffer from American expansion. While many empresarios brought European and American colonies, there was significant Mexican emmigration as well and they received preferential treatment in land grants.
Stop candy-coating the issue.
Or you can say you always do what the voices in your head tell you to do.
Similar yet different, there are many places in the southwest where Spanish was spoken many years before any English speakers arrived. These places are usually identified by the Spanish language place names. In these places Engish speakers would be the immigrants living in tight knit communities for many generations.
I love it when someone starts a post like this. It's the equivalent of saying, "I'm not lying, but...", this lets me know I can disregard anything they have to say.Also, I have never considered an iPhone as being a candy bar style phone, if I remember correctly, before the iPhone, such a style was more commonly called a pocket pc style or PDA style.
New Posts  All Forums: