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Or at the very least, karma.
Wouldn't that...in effect...make you a Flashist dictator?
Or perhaps it was because the country helping Vietnam rebuild after the war was Russia - think of the difference in West German industry and East German industry.
Sorry, but I thought that needed something extra.
I guess because you kind of liked the idea that Jesus ate with the sinners, and that's maybe how you like to think of yourself.
My mistake. Thanks!
Wow! That's a radical concept, a phone with a rotary dial that you operate with your finger. I'm sure there's no prior art there.What? Oh...Never mind.
Their name is mud.
If there were scratch and sniff websites, nobody would be here!
Also ask why Google maps labels the equestrian stadium as the Golden Gate Park golf course, and doesn't even label the Lincoln Park golf course at all. People talk about Google maps like they are perfect, but I've been misdirected by them on several occasions, sometimes the things they mislabeled were off by miles. I'm not saying Apple will be perfect, but stop talking about Google maps as if they always get it right.
New Posts  All Forums: