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Uh... thats the only way they can conduct business, an evidence trail would only get in the way.
Your right we are being cheated, perhaps fooled is a better word as "cheated" implies something illegal.  On the other hand I personally don't keep using a 2-year old phone, at the end of two years I am more than ready to use my discounted upgrade to move into the newest model.  The only time period that I use my off-contract phone is waiting a couple of months for the next iPhone to be released.  I am very aware of my upgrade cycle.  I would think there are many others...
How do the cable companies get left in the dust if you still need (at least for a lot of us) their cable modem? Wouldn't their business model switch from selling content to selling the conduit?
Is Browett still going to make them take care of those TPS reports? Hey...is that my stapler?
Depends on the level of frostbite...
I know what you are saying, but in fact a single-user iPad is much better. (It's my iPad dammit, get your own! I don't care if we are married to me!). I have over the last couple of years become increasingly possessive in regards to my iPad. At this point, at least to me, a multi-user iPad is as about as desirable as multi-user underwear - there's no reason we couldn't do that, I just don't want to go there.
As I remember, Samsung told Qualcomm, after the the chips were licensed, that any chips they sold to Apple would not be licensed.  If they sold them to anyone else the licensing still remained in effect.  They tried to pull the rug out from under Apple's feet.  Doesn't seem quite fair, reasonable, or non-discriminatory. If I'm wrong, someone will surely correct me shortly.  
Ouch! Longest that I've gone without recently is five days. Two weeks and I would be crazy (I need information and I need it now, dammit!).I will have to say that although I sometimes don't agree with your opinions or tone, things just weren't the same without you.
Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking.
Must be you, everything is normal. That doesn't mean everything is working, just nothing has changed.Although no one on my block list has posted yet. Where is GatorGuy when you need him?
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