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Must be you, everything is normal. That doesn't mean everything is working, just nothing has changed.Although no one on my block list has posted yet. Where is GatorGuy when you need him?
Anyone who knows what AppleShare is has been around a while. Of course my favorite would have to be the "Chooser". I can also remember as a relatively new user, looking into the System Folder and wondering, "There are 36 items in my System Folder, where did all these things come from?" If I only knew where we were headed...
Nice to see you're back online.
Sorry to have awoken you from your eight month slumber. As per usual, you can have the last word.
What size batteries do they take?
Quite good first post. I'm actually here for the humor, so thanks."AppleShare"? I guess we can assume you are over 40?
Actually...not really.
I can't believe you linked to a site that requires Flash. Those are getting hard to find these days.
WTF? Your reply is listed above the original post. Any guesses on lotto picks?
Put me down for two, one for me, one for the wife. I would buy whatever the next model is because I'm due upgrades, and because I want Siri. For me Siri would be so useful for texting and making reminders (using a Bluetooth headset). Additionally a better camera would be a bonus. 4G would be nice, but 3G data is sufficient for my needs. The only deal breaker would be battery life. My iPhone 4 lasts all day, but a significantly shorter battery life would not be...
New Posts  All Forums: