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I'm just glad we got to read the memo....'cause in two weeks, it'll be deleted!
I don't know about the small holes, but the wire screens in my iPhone 4 get clogged and are difficult to clean. Wouldn't the smaller openings in the wire screens clog even faster than the holes? It seems to me that dust, sweat, and oils from your hands would seal those openings up pretty easy. Maybe it's just me and I should wash my hands more often.
Nice idea. I can see where that would give an indication to newer members and visitors, that the posters comments are not mainstream. No censoring would be done, but it would allow the longtime members to voice a general disagreement to what the poster says. As it stands now, when I choose to block a troll, I let the trolls posts go unchallenged. Your method may not be perfect, but it's a nice place to start.
Slow down. Look at the pictures. It was a joke. One picture was the A-6 Intruder (EA-6A) which has two seats, the other was the A-6 Prowler (EA-6B) which has four seats. The original poster related this to similarly numbered chips and the number of cores each had, I was only trying to acknowledge and expand on his joke. I was not trying to show any preference for naming a resized iPad. I don't have a preference but perhaps I should - I hate having to say out loud...
No, he was asking if he was the troll you referred to that Tallest Skil was backing.  See you can make a mistake and the world didn't stop spinning.
So I suppose using these A6's mean it will definitely be called the iPad Air?
Yeah we saw it, but the amount of damages was less than what they would have to pay the teams of lawyers. It was pocket change and Apples sales in South Korea are negligible when compared to the entire picture. Now if this was in China, that would be a horse of a different color.
Okay, so I don't remember the model designation, so I described the Motorola as what it most resembled. It was a brick with a keypad and pull-out antenna. But hey, it was way smaller than a bag-phone, and you could put it in your pocket...if you had really, really huge pockets. The NEC smaller brick could fit in a regular pocket, and you could walk with only a slight limp.
I loved every cell phone I had because each incarnation was wildly better than the last.1. Motorola brick2. Smaller NEC brick3. Samsung flip phone4. Sony Ericsson candy bar5. Another Sony Ericsson candy bar6. Motorola Razor7. iPhone 3G8. iPhone 4Each was good in their own time.
Sorry but i have to call BS on this. Wouldn't typing on a 7.85 screen be similar to typing with the smaller split keyboard on an iPad. That seems to be designed for typing with two thumbs on an obvious level, and I haven't read any complaints about the split keyboard.Some people may not know about the iPad split keyboard, in landscape orientation put two thumbs on the keyboard and drag your thumbs apart. The keyboard splits and shrinks a little as the two halves recede...
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