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Okay, so I don't remember the model designation, so I described the Motorola as what it most resembled. It was a brick with a keypad and pull-out antenna. But hey, it was way smaller than a bag-phone, and you could put it in your pocket...if you had really, really huge pockets. The NEC smaller brick could fit in a regular pocket, and you could walk with only a slight limp.
I loved every cell phone I had because each incarnation was wildly better than the last.1. Motorola brick2. Smaller NEC brick3. Samsung flip phone4. Sony Ericsson candy bar5. Another Sony Ericsson candy bar6. Motorola Razor7. iPhone 3G8. iPhone 4Each was good in their own time.
Sorry but i have to call BS on this. Wouldn't typing on a 7.85 screen be similar to typing with the smaller split keyboard on an iPad. That seems to be designed for typing with two thumbs on an obvious level, and I haven't read any complaints about the split keyboard.Some people may not know about the iPad split keyboard, in landscape orientation put two thumbs on the keyboard and drag your thumbs apart. The keyboard splits and shrinks a little as the two halves recede...
Nah, it makes it easy.  Whenever someone says iTouch , you can go ahead and ignore anything they have say,  If they can't get the name right, what are the chances they get the stuff right that actually requires thinking?
No, thats ridiculous. Have you forgotten that even now it's not called the iPod Touch...the Android trolls still call it the iTouch!
Obviously you don't watch an excessive amount of tv like I do, otherwise you too would be overwhelmed by feminine product commercials.  Hey, when they originally named it the iPad, you knew these jokes were coming. (notice that I didn't say "good" jokes)
iPad Air...is that the one with wings?
You left out the iPad Maxi.
Because to the casual observer, this is outright theft.  Nobody likes a thief or wants that thief to go unpunished.  I don't understand your point of view, which equates to, "thievery is okay as long as I personally benefit from it." (your benefit in this case is that it gives you the freedom and choice that you desire)  I hope this reply is respectful as you requested, I haven't called you any names, I just explained my point of view.
I thought the easiest way to get two different opinions was to ask two experts.
New Posts  All Forums: