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I love it when someone starts a post like this. It's the equivalent of saying, "I'm not lying, but...", this lets me know I can disregard anything they have to say.Also, I have never considered an iPhone as being a candy bar style phone, if I remember correctly, before the iPhone, such a style was more commonly called a pocket pc style or PDA style.
Probably was done in the manner it was, because the reason many things are done at companies - for the person in charge of taking care of this, it wasn't about saving money, it was done because it was easier.  Researching, comparing, and setup all take time -  saving money would have required effort.
I understand what you are saying, but I can't see what point you are trying to make.  Point me in the right direction.  Also wouldn't it be more cost effective for the work phone to be bought on-contract and either pay the wireless roaming charges or slip in a new sim card (from the country you happen to be in)?
Agreed, but its not only Apple that's going to find a way to sell content without the cable companies.  There will be others - Amazon, Google, and probably some company that right now only exists in the mind of a college student somewhere.
Yeah, I know it is their worst nightmare, but I still believe they are headed there whether they like it or not.  I think eventually the competition from content delivery over wireless broadband (not anytime soon, but eventually) will push them there.  There is place for cable in the future, but its not where they are today or where they want to be tomorrow.
Uh... thats the only way they can conduct business, an evidence trail would only get in the way.
Your right we are being cheated, perhaps fooled is a better word as "cheated" implies something illegal.  On the other hand I personally don't keep using a 2-year old phone, at the end of two years I am more than ready to use my discounted upgrade to move into the newest model.  The only time period that I use my off-contract phone is waiting a couple of months for the next iPhone to be released.  I am very aware of my upgrade cycle.  I would think there are many others...
How do the cable companies get left in the dust if you still need (at least for a lot of us) their cable modem? Wouldn't their business model switch from selling content to selling the conduit?
Is Browett still going to make them take care of those TPS reports? Hey...is that my stapler?
Depends on the level of frostbite...
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