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Al Franken is just as funny as he was on SNL, only now he doesn't realize that he's being funny. "If you don't tell anyone your password, no one will know what it is." - No one has ever had their password stolen? Might as well say that as long as you don't ever use your password it's totally secure "If someone hacks your password, you can change it ? as many times as you want." - Wait a minute. Didn't he just tell me my password was safe as long as I didn't tell...
But you can do so much more with a variety of power tools!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZcSCT34H84And just to be fair...http://youtu.be/l07cMK6iWUk
Do you think when next years model comes out that the 5c will drop to fill the "free on contract" spot? Or will it just be fitted with 5s internals and retain its current place in the product lineup? I could even see where next year we end up with an iPhone 6, a 5cs (upgraded 5c), and a 5c as the new lineup.
Shouldn't be a problem as the 5s screen is 4 inches.
 Was the towel any help at all?
 iPhone card? I'm missing something.  Enlighten me please.
Save time and take care of your "business" and get online at the same time. No one needs to know.
You could be right, but this is the same thing that was said when the original iPhone was introduced - too expensive and niche product.
Not a few months, but a little longer. In twelve months when the next product realignment takes place because of new model introductions, the 5c will take the place of the 4S as the new "free on contract" offering.
CHUD. I forgot about them. But then again, I usually only see my inlaws around the holidays!
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