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So to sum up what can actually be concluded by this study, they found that distraction increases with the complexity of the task. Brilliant. Who would have guessed? The really remarkable thing is that people got paid to "discover" this. Perhaps a better study would have compared the difference in distraction caused by using different methods of performing the SAME task.
Obvious question is "does it bend?"
I say settle quickly. Every plaintiff in the suit gets a free Zune! All it would cost would be the labor to excavate a landfill and a little postage.
Aw c'mon, don't underestimate yourself!
Some people just know how to party!
Forget it Donnie! You're out of your element!
Apple's new head of quality assurance.
This isn't a phone or pocket problem...you're wearing your pants wrong!
The obvious solution is tardis pockets!
1) Would such a device be affected by changes in temperature...say extreme cold?2) What colors would it be available in?3) Will the available cases be ribbed or studded?
New Posts  All Forums: