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I hear the Carribean is nice...
How strange because I see it all the time. However it seems to follow a single path - male teen wearing a large clunky watch that seems to be screaming for attention. Actually I notice the watch first and then look to see what kind of person would wear such a thing.
Perhaps I haven't missed the point. I was only speaking to the concern that the watch was too expensive. Many people were arguing the Watch is just too expensive to attract the attention of teenagers.Your analysis of the iPod is easy given the luxury of hindsight, however how do you claim to speak for the future? Perhaps your same analysis of the iPod could be applied to the Watch, time will tell. I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying that you don't know yet. In...
You people are probably right, $350 is way too much for teens to spend on a new piece of personal technology. And I doubt that affluent parents would be willing to fork over that amount of cash. Say, anyone remember how much those original iPods sold for? Too bad they didn't catch on.
So to sum up what can actually be concluded by this study, they found that distraction increases with the complexity of the task. Brilliant. Who would have guessed? The really remarkable thing is that people got paid to "discover" this. Perhaps a better study would have compared the difference in distraction caused by using different methods of performing the SAME task.
Obvious question is "does it bend?"
I say settle quickly. Every plaintiff in the suit gets a free Zune! All it would cost would be the labor to excavate a landfill and a little postage.
Aw c'mon, don't underestimate yourself!
Some people just know how to party!
Forget it Donnie! You're out of your element!
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