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So, no 941 taxes, no state taxes?
I think I understand what he means. The solid apple symbol stands out like one bold character in a line of normal text. An outlined apple symbol would be much lighter and wouldn't stand out as much.
No. Not perfect, just careful and learn to not repeat past mistakes. If I lose that password that I use once a year, you can damn well be sure it won't be forgotten the next year. Also wonder how you only use a password once a year for government taxes that often are paid quarterly, biweekly, weekly, etc.As far as your self assessment, you'll get no argument from me.
Uh...I make it a point to not forget important information like passwords concerning taxes. If I screw up the easy things like this, I would be out of business because I couldn't take care of the more challenging aspects of being a business owner.
At least you can rest assured they will spend your money frugally and wisely./s
And there's your problem. You should be receiving these things in a digital format. I run my own business and I prefer it when I can send and receive all sorts of information electronically - tax forms, invoices, statements, receipts, payments. It annoys me to no end to deal with a person or company that cannot handle the electronic delivery of information. That means that I have to scan the documents that they do give me - a huge pain in the ass and a waste of my time....
No way is this strictly a hardware issue. If someone got a defective phone, the chances of them getting a second, third, then fourth defective phone would be so infinitesimally small. This has to be a problem with an app, or possibly a combination of apps. By the way, my 128gb iPhone 6+ has never demonstrated this problem, but I only have 198 apps. (too lazy to discard unused apps) I'm not saying the problem doesn't exist, just sharing personal experience.
I hear the Carribean is nice...
How strange because I see it all the time. However it seems to follow a single path - male teen wearing a large clunky watch that seems to be screaming for attention. Actually I notice the watch first and then look to see what kind of person would wear such a thing.
Perhaps I haven't missed the point. I was only speaking to the concern that the watch was too expensive. Many people were arguing the Watch is just too expensive to attract the attention of teenagers.Your analysis of the iPod is easy given the luxury of hindsight, however how do you claim to speak for the future? Perhaps your same analysis of the iPod could be applied to the Watch, time will tell. I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying that you don't know yet. In...
New Posts  All Forums: