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Yes. Don't you think the style and colors of the 5c will really suit the Japanese market? Should sell very well there.
Which looks like a fifth generation iPod Touch.
So Touch ID returns a false negative from a Dirty Sanchez? Got it.
Texas. Passed the law in '67, fully implemented by '69. Of course at that time the prints would have to be matched by a trained expert who already knew which sets of prints that were going to be compared - there would be no search of all prints for a match
And at this point the fact that your iPhone heats up a little when used becomes a feature instead of a flaw. Otherwise shrinkage would result in way too many false negatives.
It's the morlocks that I find unsettling.
Falsed to Siri? Probable operator error. Getting to Siri requires pressing and holding the home button. The unlock feature operates on sensing the presence of the finger - no clicking of the home button is required. Remember it senses when your finger is in position, that's what the ring around the button is for.
...and bigger battery. Went from 8 hours of use to 10 hours.
It's way past automatic. In my mind, when I am calculating how long a task will take to completion, my mental gestalt of time is analog. In other words, my mental calculations and results are represented on an analog clock. I haven't owned any analog clocks in years, but my mind is still stuck on analog clocks.
I thought the publishers set the prices?  Apple was only allowed to drop the publisher's prices to match the competition.
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