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The obvious solution is tardis pockets!
1) Would such a device be affected by changes in temperature...say extreme cold?2) What colors would it be available in?3) Will the available cases be ribbed or studded?
You don't have to try it, it's automatic. The older you get, the more your dimensions shift!
Just curious, what did you use as a size reference? I would have thought perhaps the home button.
Meh. I'm waiting for "planking for erectile dysfunction!"
So alternate mapping solutions don't require any investment in hardware? What a revelation! I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but this was just too easy.
No thanks, I still manage to find my junk just fine. However I can see the usefulness of getting one for a wife or girlfriend...
I was surprised too. If I remember correctly, Apple directed traffic there as a homepage back in the day. I just know that was my default for a while. Seems there was another as well, but I can't recall.
Maybe I'll just go back to excite...
So...did someone leave this phone in a bar?
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