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So... in other words, just images of lots of Surface tablets?
Glad to hear it...I thought it was just me.
Wasn't serious. Sorry.
With the social media aspect, maybe Apple is bringing Ping to Apple TV?
I'm not sure cute is accurate. I'm more of the opinion that she's a fine girl...and would be a good wife.Perhaps a Looking Glass would help you see this.
Yeah, a good memory can be a real bitch. Thanks for the needed reminder.
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you...
How about - "Detritus a bankrupt city in Michigan"
So Apple has found a way to keep profits offshore and legally avoid being taxed. Is there some way Apple can move their ebook business offshore as well, and legally avoid regulation by the U.S. government (or any unfriendly government)? In other words, shut down their ebook business in the U.S. and direct those sales to another Apple entity located in another nation. Haven't some internet gambling sites taken a similar approach?
New Posts  All Forums: