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Maybe I'll just go back to excite...
So...did someone leave this phone in a bar?
Thanks for admitting that. After reading the above comments, I thought I was the only one who liked iOS 7. And I have no idea what everyone is talking about when they question the ease of use or the reliability.
Kind of like this?http://www.fusionelectronics.com/marine/products/700-series/ms-ip700]http://www.fusionelectronics.com/marine/products/700-series/ms-ip700
Not to be a pain in the ass, but this comment deserves at least a "thumbs up"!
Note to self -Find new place to shop
"Sensor"? Don't you mean "initiator"?
Fewer lawyers? Are you arguing for or against this plan?
Square charges slightly less for swiped transactions - 2.75% - and large businesses get even better rates.  If I remember correctly, at one time they offered a flat rate of $275/month for volumes over $10,000 although this has probably changed.
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