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Falsed to Siri? Probable operator error. Getting to Siri requires pressing and holding the home button. The unlock feature operates on sensing the presence of the finger - no clicking of the home button is required. Remember it senses when your finger is in position, that's what the ring around the button is for.
...and bigger battery. Went from 8 hours of use to 10 hours.
It's way past automatic. In my mind, when I am calculating how long a task will take to completion, my mental gestalt of time is analog. In other words, my mental calculations and results are represented on an analog clock. I haven't owned any analog clocks in years, but my mind is still stuck on analog clocks.
I thought the publishers set the prices?  Apple was only allowed to drop the publisher's prices to match the competition.
So... in other words, just images of lots of Surface tablets?
Glad to hear it...I thought it was just me.
Wasn't serious. Sorry.
With the social media aspect, maybe Apple is bringing Ping to Apple TV?
I'm not sure cute is accurate. I'm more of the opinion that she's a fine girl...and would be a good wife.Perhaps a Looking Glass would help you see this.
Yeah, a good memory can be a real bitch. Thanks for the needed reminder.
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