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Still beats green felt, tan leather, and brown woodgrain!
Are you referring to the glare on the television screen?  Isn't that caused by the television itself and not the Apple TV?  Or do you mean the colors displayed by the Apple TV interface?
The sense of entitlement here is...well, just plain scary.  But I live in a "right to work" state, so some of this is almost foreign - the idea that the individual gets to tell the employer how to run their business.  I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying your perspective is unsettling to me.  Your entitled to your beliefs, just don't bring them to my house.  Sometimes I really appreciate the federal system - the individual states are able to offer different...
I missed it in the Bill of Rights where employees have a civil right to bring a bag to work.  If there is no such right, then what's the problem.  If you don't want your employer to waste your time, then don't bring a bag to work.  It's that simple.  Sure it's more convenient for you to bring a bag, but it's not your employer's responsibility to make work convenient for you.  Sure it's nice, but they shouldn't be required to do so. 
Thanks, didn't know.
After looking at the pictures of the alleged packaging, I noticed that to display the printing right-side-up, the open end of the shell would have to be the top of the package. Other people here have theorized how the plastic shells would be used with the opposite orientation. Used to display the printing correctly the iPhone would have to rest inside the shell, with some sort of cover (possibly clear).
Serious question, as I have no experience in this area, but is injection molding a one-step process? Is there any trimming of excess plastic and polishing after the piece is removed from the mold?
Sometimes the easy explanation is the best. Your last explanation fits the bill.
Yes books can break - broken backs, damaged covers, loose pages, torn pages, defaced pages.  How do you wear out ebooks? Granted the iPad can be damaged but each student only has one item to be responsible for now instead of a book bag full of expensive books.     Speaking of book bags, they would no longer be needed and could be banned, alleviating some security concerns.     Your other concern seem very valid, but have no bearing on the issue of ipads and textbooks....
 Nah. Billy might get beat up, but only for his iPhone - the bullies are given their own iPad as well.  Why beat up someone just to get what you already have?
New Posts  All Forums: