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It still hasn't shown up for me in SU.
I can slightly use MobileMe online, but the update still hasn't shown u[ in Software Update.
Preview will do so as well, I think.
I must have misunderstood the first line of the following post:My apologies.
What, they're going to increase the service price for those of us who bought an iPhone last year? My grandmother and I had both AT&T, both phones under her name (but hers wsn't an iPhone), she passed away recently, so I had to switch my iPhone to my name (yesterday). The lady on the phone said my bill would still be $60 and my contract ends July 2009.
Woot! Fellow Mad Max fan?
No, Time Capsule has a built-in wifi router. EDIT: solipsism beat me to it.
Stereo and firewire.
First, check your settings in System Preferences > CDs & DVDs. Make sure "When you insert a movie DVD" is not set on "Ignore".
I would like: - Hard drive mode - Ability to delete more than one email at a time - Ability to customize SMS message alerts (ala ringtones) - Some form of copy and paste
New Posts  All Forums: