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Yeah, except that the "politics" of it is all being trumped up. And it's such a tenuous (at best) link that even a partisan hack like Drudge ran awaaaaay from it after only a few hours of blowing it up on his front page. Do you honestly expect me to believe that this is going to change anyone's vote? Should I believe there is a possibility you'd vote for Obama except for the "perception" that there's something wrong with this deal? But, hey - that whole "politics of...
Did you even read the article I cited? Pelosi's kin has absolutely nothing to to with the investment into the company being funded. The investment happened before he joined the investment firm, and comes from a fund that he is not a part of. The whole "PELOSI" thing is just red (herring) meat to fuel the Perpetual Outrage Machine for Republicans like you. That's why it was pulled from Drudge's site after only a few hours - it's purely trumped-up BS.Waitaminnit - so putting...
Drudge attempt at scandal-manufacturing: FAIL!http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2011/...azines_fortune
Did you see the author's note in the comments section?
Oh, it's more than that! Statements such as this:show that they don't understand the difference between gross revenue and net taxable income, either. Although I think it's more likely that they like to pretend they don't understand such basic concepts when they find it convenient to do so.
- Lewis Black, on tonight's Daily Show
The next great victory for the Tea Party? Making sure Bristol Palin wins Dancing With The Stars, no matter what the judges think! The Culture War Goes Ballroom
If you changed Andy's label to "the Democratic Message" and added in Otis with the label "the Republican Message", that would be dead-on.
Seriously? An ONLINE poll?
You didn't hear about it?http://www.google.com/search?q=economic+crash+2008
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