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"What tech do you least want to see in a new desktop or laptop?" A website where people don't read the first post. \
Here is a guy with a plan! http://www.aardvark.co.nz/pjet/
I install a copy of VPc on may machine.... a couple of months later I deleted it. I found I had no real use for it. Fun to play with, but not a real "must have" program. If MS really wanted to scare Mac users they would buy Adobe. (though I suspect that wouldn't come cheap) If the MS brains in redmond really were using this as a threat to Steve (IMO it isn't), Steve sounds like he has a MUCH bigger stick if Maklar is true.
Maybe it is an ingeneous ploy to get people to move to FCP. I have both, I used to use iMovie for quick simple edit projects, now I have abandoned it because iMovie3 is slower than FCP. [oyvey]
For those commenting on the power of OSX in influencing those PC biased IT managers, it is working... they are not yet ready for it, but they do take it very seriously. Many are already running Linux boxes for web-servers etc... in their Win based networks. As someone already pointed out, this may be Apple's great strategy in increasing Market-share. (for those that are convinced you must dominate to be taken seriously). This will be more successful than lowering...
OK time for another post. I seem to have ruffled a few feathers. re schools. I work in one. The only people allowed to buy macs in our district are those in the DTP/Video/graphics labs. We (I am one of those that teach graphics/video/dtp), buy eMacs, or when we can scrounge enough... towers. Schools do not buy PC's because they are cheaper than Mac. They are buying Dells/HP/etc. because they are supported by the IT managers. The PC's that the schools buy, are...
my 2 cents. Forget about lower priced Mac"lites", these are not the people Apple wants as clients. They don't want to spend for quality, they need lots of support and know little about their machines. Profit margins are much tighter and all you get is more users, not necessarily more money. Companies in the Wintel world are going under for good reasons. Why would Apple mimic their buisness models? It sounds like most of the people posting specs here are posting...
I am not a law expert so I will only pose a question for those more knowledgeble. Canada and America have very similair cultures. So what is it in the differences of their respective courts that has America under a barrage of apparently frivolous law suits and Canada with relatively few? Or is there really a cultural difference?
thanks... I needed that tonight!!!!!!! [cancer]
Illustrator for vectors Photshop for rasters and inDesign to put it all together. buy illustrator if you are eventually going to get inDesign. Great integration.
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