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Fred Meyer stores (division of Kroger) in the Pacific Northwest will begin selling iPad2s in June.
Apple should have kept a manufacturing plant in the US. US companies are going to learn the hard way what happens when you depend entirely on China... I doubt the iPad numbers are going to be as high as they want this quarter. They are still in short supply at US retailers. It's hard to walk in off the street and buy one. Apple stores in Portland are still telling people to line up at 6am if you want to try to get one.
i've decided i can live without an ipad. and no, supply is still not meeting demand...
There aren't many in the US either, despite what Apple said last week that supply was catching up with demand. Check out discussions.apple.com to hear all the horror stories of people waiting for theirs from Fedex/UPS (ordered through Apple online store) or check this website that shows inventory (or lack thereof) at US retailers: http://ooschecker.com
just cancelled my iPad order with Apple Store...
As of today you cannot find one iPad2 at any retailer in metro Portland, anywhere....
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