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Who cares? OE sux.
Seems unlikely. How difficult would it be for Apple to code up an AIM client WITH the support of AOL? Fire, Adium, and Proteus have done it w/o any support. $120k is a lot to spend for an IM client. They could have bought the rights to Adium for less.
[quote]Originally posted by robo: heheheh. I stared at that movie for at least 5 minutes on loop. Then i blew it up to fullscreen and stared at it some more.. That is cooler than the spinning hands on the wait-watch in system 7
Not as cool at the little fist tho
[quote]Originally posted by ZO: Btw, ScreenSavers has been renamed "Screen Effects" :confused:
This could imply more than just screen savers, perhaps the ability to use a screensaver as wallpaper, like the SGI "cpu killer" background.
[quote]Originally posted by hekal: Go figure XP Error
Okay so I did it with Gimp. I had fun doing it.
Go figure XP Error
[quote]Originally posted by MacGP: [code] #!/bin/sh while [ 1 ] do /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit done
save this as a file, let's say, 'keepup' then, make it executable: chmod a+x keepup And run it: ./keepup Tada! [ 05-11-2002: Message edited by: Mithras ]
<hr></blockquote> Haha, that works, but you have to keep the terminal open the whole time. Once you close it. Its done [ 05-12-2002: Message...
[quote]Originally posted by Aslan: I think... not 100% sure but... I think it was in 10.1.2 that they repaired custom drive icons. (they were broken previous to this update) Funny, I didn't even realize it was fixed till my friend pointed it out... I had been so used to it being broken I forgot to try it in 10.1.3 or 10.1.4! few posted screenshots brought be back to my senses! [Laughing] ...
[quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: In 10.2 you can make it so a user can only run specific programs the admin allows. In 10.1, though, I suspect you might could chmod the program so only the admin can run it. I've never tried this, though, do I'm not sure quite how well it would/wouldn't work.
Yes but he can copy it to his home dir and re-chmod it. Worst case, he can get a copy from a friend.
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: Couldn't you always use a custom icon?
I could not in 10.0.x. Last time I tried was like 10.1.0 and I could not.
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