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Geeez and this they found out NOW, I'm impressed - NOT! Of course hardware is just a piece of the equation you'll have to be blind not to see that. It could even turn out to be a small piece. And they call them themselves analysts, pathetic...
The last time I had cause to visit applestore was both humerous and depressing. I could not via the web book an appointment at a time suiting my schedule and the only time I could get was forced on me and was set 5 minutes ahead!!! So the only option for me was to take the long trip to the only applestore which is located outside of my city, Swedens capital, Stockholm. Some genious calculated the brilliant idea to put this citys only AS in a suburb far north necessating...
Yep, many things in life are "objectionable" but I sure don't want Apple to big brother me. Apples policy in this respect is very "objectionable" and offensive.
But PLEASE: They HAVE beaten last years Q2 by > 30% more or less across the board - what more do you ask??
Not surprised! Gettin contracts on deliberately low ballin figures and after some time asking for much more money on the basis of all sorts of excuses is Skanskas business model. We recognise them all too well here in Sweden but for one difference: here paxpayers are always coerced to pony up! Go Apple, show them how it should be played!
It needs a version of Mac OS which is not yet released.
@mstone: Funny you are the only one commenting on this topic, I totally agree: WTF is IBM doing in this company???
although with the important exception that Apple improved these technologies...
Shameskunk is DOOMED!!!
@magman1979: Of course Apple has to take this on its own. Although not Apples own make of hardware, in this case you cannot expect the customer to suffer for parts breaking down that Apple itself chooses. Where would that put us? Technical items today are assembled of parts from many manufacturers. The end manufacturer has to take all responsibility. I really think Apple should stand to up this - it has the riches to compensate unhappy struggling customers. If they can get...
New Posts  All Forums: