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although with the important exception that Apple improved these technologies...
Shameskunk is DOOMED!!!
@magman1979: Of course Apple has to take this on its own. Although not Apples own make of hardware, in this case you cannot expect the customer to suffer for parts breaking down that Apple itself chooses. Where would that put us? Technical items today are assembled of parts from many manufacturers. The end manufacturer has to take all responsibility. I really think Apple should stand to up this - it has the riches to compensate unhappy struggling customers. If they can get...
luvin it!
 True, however I don't know there is a singular form for data, datum is not it! "Data" is both singular ("this data suggest") and plural but in this case it sure is plural.
and I thought 5c was a dud?
Such an adapter will open up for any crap charger to connect to an iPhone. I'm sure Apple aint too happy about that but what can they do in case of a legislation?
This will pave the way to have battery cells in the headphone itself. You could stuff a lot of cells in the bracket for ex both powering the headphone as well as providing extra power to the phone.
Amen to that!
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