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and this is news - android is malware??
@zaba: This is FRAND negotiations, say company A owns a patent and company B wants/has to use it, the latter requests to negotiate the costs of adapting it. B will most likely have a reasonable notion of the sum as, say 100,000 USD. If A then demands 5 billion, B will certainly think this is way out inappropriate and unfair. This situation will not leave B the option of paying the 100,000 as A would not accept it. Is this so hard to understand? Apple has NEVER had the fair...
An organisation with such dynamic and creative environment and competition primadonnas are bound to thrive. A Steve Jobs type  is needed to check those individuals. Hope Cook is up to bring peace and cooperative spirit.
"budha" strange name for a person with that kind of language. OTH he didn't have brains to get it right (Buddha)...
If Office 2011 is any indication of the quality of the webbversion for iOS it will be a catastrophy. Office 2011 so chockfull of bugs and after all these updates still no relief in sight. It's still beta...
I'm only saddened by the thought that so much plastic junk is produced adding to an already all too large mountain of poison. If so many iPads - produced and shipped every moment in an all progressive amount - but still declining in overall market share, really should tell you something of the big picture. It's appalling.
The main purpose of this event will be to disclose a deal with China Mobile and it will make the share fly! I feel really good about this. No friggin way the 5c is for China only!
Yeh, what's the use supplying info to Apple. I have repeatedly written to Apple through Maps on horrid misplacement of blocks in relation to street grid in the city of Stockholm. It's a MESS! Nuttin happens. Very frustrating. That function is a dummy, like traffic light buttons for pedestrians at road crossings.
It's pathetic to read about a company weeping on behalf of poor M$ facing a "duopoly"! I wonder if it feels the same way on the Windows monopoly?
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