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For the SD you can get a small adapter if you really need it (29 bucks on Apple store). HDMI nah... I wouldn't want one and then there's airplay (and there is an adapter even for hdmi)
I thought this debate was laid to rest by anyone with even the shallowest insight in the computer business. Apple challenged Adobe for years to come up with flash that actually worked on a mobile device AND at the same time didn't suck battery like there is no tomorrow (or next hour for that matter). FInally Apple had to make a choice in order to go further with iOS. Read the open letter from Steve Jobs for information on the subject or the last interview of Jobs on All...
as it lacks a physical keyboard...
And today AAPL does the most modest gain in comparison to the majority of tech-companies... I'm afraid this will mean a new downfall in stock value. Go figure?
another blockbuster quarter. My shares will soon be worthless...
who R the sheep??? the 5% (or less) using macs or the 95% (or more) using windoze (alas in different plastic casings)? Using macs I've always felt struggling against the stream, thou worth it cuz thinkin different is a bless.
It's also pretty clear why U shouldn't be CEO of apple cuz U just haven't got it.
Really interesting would be to know the heat dissipating properties of LM?
It so happens that knowledge in this field is part of my profession being a geriatrician. The percentage of water can be even (slightly) less (and you're still alive thou maybe not kicking in that age). You can educate yourself if you don't accept my word for it (just an example I looked up in all haste):http://www.aafp.org/afp/20000615/3623.html
How can I say that?? Because lying increases skin-conductivity as is well known in lie-detectors, thus shortening the 2 antennas. Could really the case with so different experiences on the iP4 reception be that people have different skin conductivity, some sweat more and some less, apart from other other physiological parameters playing in this field. Another factor is age, you are born with a body composition of 70 % water which decreases in old age to 50 %. So if you...
New Posts  All Forums: