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. I'm pretty sure macinthe408 was joking in reference to the new Takata news today.
Sorry, I meant to word that as a conjecture. I would not be surprised if the current 13" Unibody15 (non-retina display) is taken down. I forgot that the 15" Unibody is already gone. 
What is the likelihood that they release basic component updates this week and then still announce some sort of redesign in a couple weeks (i.e since the Unibody has phased out, the current design takes over as the base model)?
Mine never disappeared but the live stream consistently freezes but doesn't on my iPad.
Apple needs to be careful about overextending itself into making products they don't specialize in. One of the accomplishments of Jobs when he returned to Apple was cutting out products they shouldn't be making (e.g printers). Force touch could be great technology to pair with a stylus but the better move would be for Apple to team up with the likes of Wacom who specialize in graphics hardware to make more compatible products much like they encourage and feature developers...
Agreed -- Sounds like American made a statement wrongfully making it sound like it was a device issue also. I thought there was a certain amount of backup manuals the pilots had to carry anyway. They at least should have paperwork at the gate they could put on the plane. The iPad doesn't run the plane and neither does the app. Shouldn't take more than 2 hours to come up with a manual fix. Fact that American seems to think it is valid to expect a computer to always be...
The biggest thing this changes is that it eliminates the need to AirPlay NBC LiveExtra which is a really nice improvement over relying on AirPlay during heavy data streams.
Boo. Just get Morgan Freeman to do it. He's great at playing the ruler of the universe. Sean Penn or Daniel Day Lewis could also give it a go.
"nothing was confirmed" NOT "nothing was unconfirmed at the time"
Anyone know if Bluetooth 4.0 is required on a mac to take advantage of the continuity features? I'm having trouble finding a consistent answer online.
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