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Boo. Just get Morgan Freeman to do it. He's great at playing the ruler of the universe. Sean Penn or Daniel Day Lewis could also give it a go.
"nothing was confirmed" NOT "nothing was unconfirmed at the time"
Anyone know if Bluetooth 4.0 is required on a mac to take advantage of the continuity features? I'm having trouble finding a consistent answer online.
I wonder if this was in some ways a big apology to guarantee them some free publicity for the drama that happened when Bono criticized Cook for not having Product Red prominent enough on Apple's site.
I just tried this and the message I received went to my iCloud account not my backup email -- so if somebody hacks your account they could just delete the warning email when it comes in. 
Basketball court/exercise something to show off health apps and trackers? Especially if the watch is shown. Like what Kobe recently did with Nike in China with a smart basketball court? There were previous photos of him on Apple's campus meeting with Tim Cook.
Oops -- fixed. Thanks.
I wonder what percent of the male employees have been with Apple for a significant amount of time. The amount of females in the tech world has dramatically increased over the past 10 years (which is great) but I wonder how many older male employees may skew the data if at all. It would be great to track the timeline.
Was (Product) RED always in big letters? On the iPod Nano page it's on it's own line separated from the other colors. http://store.apple.com/us/buy-ipod/ipod-nano?aid=www-k2-ipod nano - index-n%40p&cp=k2-ipod nano -n%40p
New Posts  All Forums: