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Was (Product) RED always in big letters? On the iPod Nano page it's on it's own line separated from the other colors. http://store.apple.com/us/buy-ipod/ipod-nano?aid=www-k2-ipod nano - index-n%40p&cp=k2-ipod nano -n%40p
IMaybe the feature that locates the card away from your phone doesn't allow it to change.
Uhhh...like a camera shutter button?
What do we think the definition of alarming battery life problems is in the context of an iPhone? At what point should I challenge the quality of my battery?
It's going to take some getting used to, but I kind of like it. It's cleaner looking without all of the skeuomorphism.
If this was an SNL skit it would fail. It's interesting how Microsoft's latest ads highlight Apple's products instead of focusing on their own.
The new Macbook Pro should be looked at as a first iteration Apple product. Lots of users will buy it because it's the new thing, but in the end, prices on SSDs will go down and the laptop build will be improved after Apple gains feedback just as they've done with any first product. In his keynote, Tim Cook hinted at this being the next form factor that the engineers are focusing on when he called it the "next generation". There has always been a phasing-out of one...
He wore 992s and then 993s (just updated shoe) not 501s. 
All I'm hoping for is that a Microsoft release of the suite will include a clean interface for track changes on the iPad which I think is a crucial tool for collaborating on the go.
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