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Yup. 2 apps did this to me this morning.
Just used the new version for the first time heading somewhere unfamiliar. The lanes were much clearer on the map. Considering they still haven't brought over any of the Google lane assist features, this is much appreciated. I still don't understand why they don't have lane assist though...
They're not taking away your unlimited and replacing it with a 22GB plan. They're making 22GB of usage the point at which an unlimted user can have speeds throttled. It was just 5GB before you received a warning and throttling. Users should be happy about this....this is the closest thing we're going to get to what unlimited used to be. Even if you use GPS and stream music in the car every day, you're not going to use 22GB of data in a month unless you have no access to...
Their existing device is called the Bridge. This would then be a Bridge update, not a new product called the Bridge.
I think you misread my question. I am not claiming there are sources stating that the current models can be upgraded to support CarPlay. I am trying to figure out why the couldn't be and Honda is saying it will only come out in new models. Honda is able to install software updates for their own infotainment system so I am trying to understand why one of those software updates couldn't also allow for CarPlay mirroring. If there is an update to Honda's current system, the...
Can someone explain why existing infotainment systems can't be updated to support CarPlay? Honda's new systems can be updated via CD if you take it into a dealer. Any chance they would be able to update the system to work with CarPlay or is it really a hardware change?
I hope this just ends up being for over-the-ear phones and not earbuds.
. I'm pretty sure macinthe408 was joking in reference to the new Takata news today.
Sorry, I meant to word that as a conjecture. I would not be surprised if the current 13" Unibody15 (non-retina display) is taken down. I forgot that the 15" Unibody is already gone. 
What is the likelihood that they release basic component updates this week and then still announce some sort of redesign in a couple weeks (i.e since the Unibody has phased out, the current design takes over as the base model)?
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