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You are running the Google YouTube app from the App Store.  The Apple TV (and older iOS devices as well) was running an Apple provided YouTube app. Apple has chosen not to update their existing app, Google has chosen not to support the older API.  This is not an issue of the hardware not being able to support the new API -- this is Apple deciding to place their focus on other things than keeping functionality working on devices they no longer sell. Also, if you still want...
Uh, have you tried replacing the memory with another set? Sometimes memory is actually bad and the software isn't the culprit.
"Be great when it's finished" is another way of saying "be great when it's no longer used".
Software that is actually used is never finished.  There are always new features that need to be added. And as someone who uses Xcode daily, I would say it's great already. Does it have some annoyances (ahem, bugs)? Sure.  But that doesn't take away that it's probably one of the best (if not the best) IDEs on any platform at this time.  I'll take Xcode (and it's bugs) over any other IDE these days.
It's already here.  If you've ever looked at what has to happen to the pixels captured by a sensor these days, it's quite clear that a lot of computational power has to be behind every photo that is taken.
And not only that, but there have been USB audio adapters for years now.  Apple could certainly make a small USB-C -> 3.5mm audio adapter. Of course, there is the issue that John Siracusa brought up on Accidental Tech Podcast -- the 3.5mm audio jack is a quick way to stop sound from coming out of the speakers.  USB adapters also work, but they have a bit of lag in how fast the system will switch over to them.  And depending on your settings, the machine might not even...
Patience -- I'm sure it's going to happen. There wasn't any options for Force Touch on any Mac just a few weeks ago. Now there is a 13" MacBook Pro, a "coming soon" 12" MacBook and the Apple Watch next month as well.  They are just getting started.  I would bet that all of the laptops will have Force Touch by their next revision, along with the iPhone as well. Even Apple can't snap their fingers and magically have Force Touch in everything.  Transitions take time, even by...
How hard is it for the AppleInsider staff to post a link in the article to the source? There are lots of links to other AI articles, but nothing to the actual Apple page where the 77% stat is quoted from.  There is even a link to the Android stats.   This is ridiculous.   For those curious, here is the source link for the Apple stats -- https://developer.apple.com/support/appstore/
My guess is that Intel didn't have the quad core Broadwell chips that Apple wanted for the 15" ready.  The 13" models are all dual core with Iris GPUs.  But the 15" models are all quad core with Iris Pro GPUs (and one lone NVIDIA GPU at the top end).  Once the CPUs are ready, we'll probably see an updated 15" as well. 
You misspelled coupon there at the end.
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