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You keep saying native apps, but I'm not sure if you know what that means... all iOS apps from the App Store and pre-installed are native apps. This is just bundling it with the OS instead of requiring a separate download.
I find this to be amazing as well. It's like nobody has looked into how AAC and MP3 relate to each other. Their both MPEG standards, with AAC being designed to outperform MP3 at lower bitrates. Why people don't get this is beyond me. Nobody says MPEG-2 looks better than h.264 at the same bitrates, but with audio their is some magical BS that makes MP3 "sound better".
 Except we are talking about the MacBook Pro here.  The people who typically buy the MBP are the same sorts of people that need more than 128GB of storage.  If they don't need a lot of storage, the new MacBook or MacBook Air might be a better fit. Of course, this is all under the assumption that there are only three kinds of portable Mac users -- and that each MacBook line will fit them perfectly.  In the real world, it never works out like that.
I have a hard time believing that apple would get rid of the discrete gpu this time around. The iris pro is a decent integrated gpu, but I don't think it's quite ready to completely replace the discrete gpu at the high end. What I would like to see in an update is more RAM and TB3. I don't think it would be unreasonable to see a USB-C port, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they didn't put one in (like the 13" rmbp update). As for the 17" being niche, if a smaller...
When reading stories like this, I ask myself, "Who are the people who actually know what's going on and who are the people that would benefit from leaking to the press/government/whoever?"  In this case, the people that actually would know (i.e, the labels and Apple) would get no benefit from leaking this.  And the people who would benefit (i.e, Spotify and other similar services) have no inside info.   To me that says this is pretty much a witch hunt -- someone at one...
You are running the Google YouTube app from the App Store.  The Apple TV (and older iOS devices as well) was running an Apple provided YouTube app. Apple has chosen not to update their existing app, Google has chosen not to support the older API.  This is not an issue of the hardware not being able to support the new API -- this is Apple deciding to place their focus on other things than keeping functionality working on devices they no longer sell. Also, if you still want...
Uh, have you tried replacing the memory with another set? Sometimes memory is actually bad and the software isn't the culprit.
"Be great when it's finished" is another way of saying "be great when it's no longer used".
Software that is actually used is never finished.  There are always new features that need to be added. And as someone who uses Xcode daily, I would say it's great already. Does it have some annoyances (ahem, bugs)? Sure.  But that doesn't take away that it's probably one of the best (if not the best) IDEs on any platform at this time.  I'll take Xcode (and it's bugs) over any other IDE these days.
It's already here.  If you've ever looked at what has to happen to the pixels captured by a sensor these days, it's quite clear that a lot of computational power has to be behind every photo that is taken.
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