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haha Android sucks
take my money now
I'm expecting it to be an A5X chip because its only a bumped up ipad2 with better everything. Its real likely that it is going to be called ipad HD also. The real ipad3 is going to have a new design shell and A6 for sure and big OS upgrade to take advantage of those 4 cores
I do agree that itunes is a headache I remember buying my first ipod and it was mess and still till this day I come across things I can't figure out (album art covers was a headache too) it does need a redesign..
im not dissapointed with the name I actually like it for some reason. Plus you know when the real ipad3 comes out its going to have an outer shell redesign to stand out from the ipad 2..
Well apple only updated the specs with the Iphone 4s with no radicle new design so it fair to say that samsung's galaxy s2 did win this time around.. but with the iphone 5 very likely to have a new design Samsung better savor the glory because it isn't going to last long... but I have to say that the Galaxy s2 is very nice just to big for my comfort but much props to Samsung..
The rumor about the ipad3 costing more are sounding correct...with the bigger battery and 8 mega pixel camera this is very likely I mean an iphone without a contract is about 700 dollars and ipad3 is about the equivalent..
"Proview has accused Apple of multiple instances of fraud and unfair competition because the company did not reveal it was behind IP Application Development, or "IPAD," when it bought the rights to the name for $55,000." 55,000 hilarious
rounding up thats about 1,500,000...
well all we know is that its going to be faster and graphics are to be alot better so it doesn't matter what it is with the retina alone it has to be more powerful
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