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I bought the Retina MBP when it first came out. No issues.
The 21 inch iMacs are tough to find in Northern NJ. I checked all the apple stores, best buy and a local reseller, iStore. All sold out. They tell me they are "trickling in." One of the apple stores had a 27 inch imac.
Shouldn't machines be doing this work?
BTW, Bieber was at 5th ave, too. He was in the celebrity room.
Rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. Hope they have parkas.
It's definitely bigger than the old place...not Fifth Ave big, but a good size for the village.
And before the drones, the US had blimps photographing citizens.  Plus, there are cameras on all of the new traffic lights, not to catch speeders, but to track you.
Not only does this allow the govt to send you alerts, but they can also turn off your phone if there's a threat. This is similar to countries turning off the internet when people speak out against the govt.   SOPA!
The photo of the tv set is lacking.
The telecom act of 1996 required that cell phone companies keep location data and connect to your phone to listen and access the data on your phones. http://www.infowars.com/investigatio...-spy-on-users/
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