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I am happy LG is going up. More choice is never a bad thing... I do wonder where is huawei on this from other reports the chinise manufacturer is number one in the world.
If you see that this directly competes with apple music then this is a well played card for Google. Apple needs to push out their android app asap. Now Google has by far the best bang for buck.
Actually for a vanilla android device it would be unsightly to have a circle on the front that only function is to scanfingerprints. It's a misuse of space. Remember since android 4.0 nearly 4 years ago vanilla android uses virtual buttons for interface. IOs on the other hand uses a physical home button that can and will double as the fingerprints.
Yeah it's the apple/tech double standered
Out curiosity any one see a market for this running OS X?
What I love it the Xbone even placed it in the trigger so if you shoot in a game you get a bit of feed back. It is also good in games where it is used as a sense (warning, heart rate,) and making jump scenes better.
...does it vibrate. Only thing I love about my Xbone over my gaming rig.
Having the Okay google on my android is amazing when I am driving. I can't wait for this to come to iPhones. Much safer to drive with. (I refuse to pay ~500 for an after market stereo for carplay/android auto,)
Those delays come purely from the storage media. The PS4 uses a hdd rather then SDD. It would not be cost intuitive to sale SDDs in the sizes they need while staying under 500$. If apple wanted to release an HD console they would have to release it with an HDD to prevent it from being priced to oblivion compared to the competition.
They will be able to sale more units then the PS4 if they don't that's pathetic. However it will not be a PS4 competitor so it does not matter. For apple to compete with the PS4 it would have to cost around 350-400 just to be comparable far out of range for a streaming device.
New Posts  All Forums: