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I see no reason yet to distrust Google. They are best where they excell in. I love YouTube, I have been using gmail for almost a decade and honestly have no complaints. I have tried other search engines and they have failed. As far as adds go. By now Google has for better or worse a damn good idea of who I am and my interest ak its great when adds are tailored specifically to me.
HTC m8 aprox 15 months old and the international one is still getting support by HTC. At&t is a different story. The galaxy s4 from 2013 is still getting updates however. They are changing. Slowly but its happening. What needs to happen is some of the cooks need to be removed from the kitchen.
Not quite Samsung, HTC, lg, and Motorola have been doing a great job supporting their devices. (I mean the time it takes to take source code recode to the specifics of a device and test it). International phones get updates in under two months and many cases now. Remember Android is not iOS and these things take longer when you don't make the software.I personally for my Android phone use CM12 so I have been patched.
It's been my experience that apples Mac and ios developers kick ass. While their windows developers... I hope they can at least make a half decent attempt to make the app decent on Android. I hope they don't make it shitty just to say look this is because of Android becuase gplay music works well on apple and Android no excuses.
Real question are smart phone games worth my time yet. I have a gaming pc,Xbox one, and a ps4 I have never played a game on phone paid or free that was as imersive as ESO or GTA 5 or forza. I mainly use my 650 dollar phone for movies on the go and music.
Actually Apple does compete with samsung with compelling features. They do not do something like make an exclusive deal with art to be the only phone to use lte.Exclusive services is different then content. I know exclusives are going to happen. I.E. Sony and Gorrila games. But that is a second party situation. This iabas if M$ paid Rovio to make angry birds Microsoft phone exclusive.
As a lover of video games I can attest this type of exclusive is horrible for an industry. Since Apple and tidal entered this space its been talk of exclusives. Before when it was just Google, Spotify, rdio, and M$ consumers never had to double check how many of their favorite artists they would miss out when choosing one over another.Now I am going to most likely pirate this new album.
This is not funny. But this exclusive stuff is getting out of hand before Apple & tidal it was a competition of features. Now it's a competition of who can get the best exclusives before only the consumer won now no one wins.
Actually I do think the same thing about tidal. I believe that for streaming services they should compete with compelling services like beats 1 rather then exclusive content if they compete with exclusive music eventually band a is only on Spotify artist c is only on Apple artist Y is only on rapsody and just for good measure Xbox music has exclusives on game soundtracks. What you now have is a situation where you would either need to buy or pirate the music of other...
Apple is poise to screw up the streaming industry by trying all of this exclusives. Right now we have five popular services including Apple. What happens when they ask play this game? It will be a nightmare and a streaming service loses its value
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