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I think they are only comparing it to Nintendo is due to no one making AAA games for it. The WII U being so under powered compared to the Xbone and PS4 is viewed as the casual entry level game console. Apple would have never chance releasing a casual game console to compete against the big boys. Remember if apple makes it its media first. Also to play a moderately sized hd game requires 15~25 gb. Hints why the smallest hard drive on the two big consoles is half a TB.
No one is saying a bigger battery is better all the time. We are simply pointing out that average people value 10% more battery more then they would 10% slimmer. I even posted an article that showed people knowingly went into Verizon stores paid an extra 100 dollars for a phone that would be thicker and half more battery life. I am simply proving that people care more about battery then they do slimness. As one does give a real world purpose instantly. While the other only...
Market observations show that people will pay for thicker phones with more battery. I know it is not an iPhone but we can use the moto droid as a case study. Motorola released a version of the phone that was twice as thick with nearly three times the battery life. We can use this information based on sales to see of consumers when faced with the same phone choose battery over slimness. While I will admit I don't have access to the sales figures I do know the droid maxx...
Are you saying you would not mind a little extra battery at the expense of slimness?
How thin a phone is is one of those specs I just get irritated about. More batery instead of rushing to make it thinner. More people care about battery life then thinness.
Even that is subjected that vertical integration is superior when you fail consider that for every decision made their is a price. For allowing apple full control over the hardware then you are limited to what the device options are. I can easily say my option to buy a 6" screen is an advantage because of that trading off the vertical integration for the screen I want. You have to realize all off these things are going to be subjective. For me vertical integration makes...
...Do you know what open refers to in software? It does not mean the ability to install any app on the device. It means that you or I can download the source code to the software, compile it, and modify it and place it on any device I want. I can do this with Android it is open.
  Or possibly 5. They simply prefer android more then iOS as is my case. I have an HTC M8 and an iPhone 5s. I prefer android more due to several simple factors that many people I have encountered also enjoy. A. Ability to change default programs -Yeah this is a big one B. Hardware options - My HTC M8 has a far superior screen then my 5s. It is not just size, but color quality resolution and the HTC screen seems to float on the glass. C. Better notification/actionable...
I see no reason yet to distrust Google. They are best where they excell in. I love YouTube, I have been using gmail for almost a decade and honestly have no complaints. I have tried other search engines and they have failed. As far as adds go. By now Google has for better or worse a damn good idea of who I am and my interest ak its great when adds are tailored specifically to me.
HTC m8 aprox 15 months old and the international one is still getting support by HTC. At&t is a different story. The galaxy s4 from 2013 is still getting updates however. They are changing. Slowly but its happening. What needs to happen is some of the cooks need to be removed from the kitchen.
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