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This is not funny. But this exclusive stuff is getting out of hand before Apple & tidal it was a competition of features. Now it's a competition of who can get the best exclusives before only the consumer won now no one wins.
Actually I do think the same thing about tidal. I believe that for streaming services they should compete with compelling services like beats 1 rather then exclusive content if they compete with exclusive music eventually band a is only on Spotify artist c is only on Apple artist Y is only on rapsody and just for good measure Xbox music has exclusives on game soundtracks. What you now have is a situation where you would either need to buy or pirate the music of other...
Apple is poise to screw up the streaming industry by trying all of this exclusives. Right now we have five popular services including Apple. What happens when they ask play this game? It will be a nightmare and a streaming service loses its value
Now the music industry is mimicking the game industry. Seriously this stuff only makes people angry. For people who do not have the selected home for the exclusive it makes them mad they lose out on something they won't. For those who do have said service it makes no difference except for some it becomes asshole Bragging rights. And worst case scenario everyone starts doing this. Now Apple has the new album for artist x while Spotify has the album for artist Y and...
Google has never sold CPI to anyone. Microsoft and apple have both done so by not google. 
I call BS Google does not spam email with ads. There will be adds to the side but never as an email. If it is spam it was not sent by Google. Infact that spam you would have the exact same chance of getting that spam from an icloud email.
Maybe Apple XYZ
Google music offers all of this but the free radio. It does have a radio mode. It offers videos on the app. It has curated playlist, it allows for music upload, it also includes YouTube music key its a great service but you see apple music has no compelling reason to choose it over Google music or the rest of the competition.
I use Google music on my iPhone 5 and my htc m8 just because it's Google doesn't mean you have to hate it. Worst false dichotomy ever
I'll keep my Google music we have three users on it only paying 8 a month. Plus I get commercial free music on YouTube.
New Posts  All Forums: