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I will be getting one because it works well with my job. I work as a supervisor at a call center for a wireless carrier and ironically phones are not allowed due to the fear of people taking pictures of customer information. So with this I can keep my phone in my pocket and get my notifications.
Well what exactly was copied? I don't mean to be a "troll" however you are making a claim and I will like to see some evidence supporting it.
That is logical. Android developers knew the market changed from the product they where making to the apple iPhone. You have to adapt or fail. Google choice was simple adapt.but please do tail me what was stolen from the iPhone?
Samsung has been known to test devices in large shells and even purposely leak incorrect images of devices to throw people of. Anything and everything can change about this device.
Android has had controls in the pull down notifications for 9 months now. That app was not developed by google its a third party app. Judging by your ignorance on the subject I can safely assume you have never used android to compare the notifications or control center. 
Well since you bring it up. Please explain to me how android is a blatant rip off of iOS. I still have yet to hear any evidence just rants. And also what feature did apple announced first that google then placed into android that android fans say was in android first. Please if you are going to make wild claims back them up.   
People do it all the time. I work for a carrier and I see people going from iPhones to the top android phone all the time. Most of the time they cite they are tired of apples BS, want a larger screen, or want to try something new.
I must ask you all why is that Google is the one who is in many of your fantasies begging apple. What does Google have to beg apple for. I think what both of these companies should do is work together to get Google hangouts and iMessage to cooperate with one another. In reality an exclusive messaging protocol does not help anyone in the long run. With iMessage it serves to piss people off when they eventually switch to another platform. 
*Sigh*  I think they don't count tablets because half of the analyst call it tablet the other half a computer, and somebody calls it a car. Once we get a definition of tablet that everyone can agree on we can stick it somewhere.   
New Posts  All Forums: