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Seriously its absolutely has me astounded that you guys think Samsung would channel stuff. There is no profits in it. Samsung ships the phones to where they will be purchased. There is no company who values people's perception of their numbers more then they do profits. Stop thinking that they are just channel stuffing. The Galaxy S 4 is a popular phone. It may not be iPhone numbers but it is a popular phone Samsung will sale 50-40 million by the end of the year. 
Take my money
  Jailbraking enables those who know about it to do "cool things" that others can't do on their phone.    Which leads to bragging and explaining to friends how to do it, who then show it to other friends etc.   At the end of the day, a lot of iOS users end up side loading apps because someone told them to. And a lot of them don't have the knowledge to be able to discern what is a so-called "trusted source".
Possibly to use facetime and imessage with people who do not have an iphone. (Which is still most of the population) Besides according to Steve Jobs Facetime was going to be open. 
They don't exist. Most android fanboys don't like home if they are pure google. The thing that bothers me is when a Apple fanboy gets happy about not getting the choice to run an app. 
Yes samsung is paying to make millions of Galaxy S phones just to say they sold them. What are you thinking!!! No company does anything like that. Samsung makes phones and sells most of them. If they said 40 million shipped you do know that at least 90% of them are sold. Why else would they bother to spend the money to make 40 million phones. Bragging about sells is not worth that much as you can see no company that is struggling is bragging about sells. You don't see...
And 50 percent of people poled will buy an iphone. Just because some says they will buy does not mean they will.
Why bother posting an article to bash a competitors phone. Go out and buy one and review it your self rather then picking through other reviews for the negatives.
Ok I have to agree with you here. I am going to return it tomorrow to the t-mobile store I got it from and try it from take two. I still don't think I can use a iPhone as a main phone and I most likely will give this phone to my older sister as a gift and go back to my nexus at the end of the week. I am such a awesome little brother. 
When I first got it I was getting atrocious data speeds so I powercycled it and then my speeds started to be acceptible. Than about four hours later i was attempting to download an app and it would not open. So I had to powercycle the phone once again. I also notice that unless I tap really hard on things in the appstore it does not read the touches. I restored the phone last night and I am still getting the issue in the app store where I have to press really hard to get...
New Posts  All Forums: