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So a popup saying what the app has permission to access your gps does not count as a request for your permission. If you have to choose to accept
  Who ever wrote this article has never used an android device before. They are not aware that unlike and iOS device before downloading an app the user is greeted by the permissions of said app. That the permissions list what the app can do. Please do not say its a Trojan horse if you know what it can do.   
United states population Aprox 300,000,000 world population 7,000,000,000. = around 4.5% of the world population...Yeah stop thinking the US is the only market. Apple knows its not. 
These malware reports don't take into account a lot of things. First of all google has implemented multiple safeguards on android. One of them on the playstore is called bouncer which is a program able to detect malicious software. The second part is the steps that is required to install an app from an unknown source. Seriously it is a lot of stuff you have to do.   1. Download the app       2. Select the app which will direct you to the...
So I just stand there while my phone charges? or do I walk away enjoy my day and comeback and prey its charged. For disasters I see the use. For a normal day its useless.
A lot of the UI is reminiscent of Android 4.X, Webos, and Samsung Touchwiz. The multitasking without a doubt borrows on the cards interface. Overall it looks nice although to busy in some places
Are you stating you had to drive to multiple locations to find a usb-micro usb mini b? Possibly the single most used cable in the world. Used by ever single phone except iPhones. You are telling us that right?
I don't get this post. Are you ignorantly implying that google has people personally reading your email for personal and malicious gain? Or are you just a troll. 
Ad impression is hard to read in china. Google play is non existent in china. While have of the phones run android they do not count toward's google's activation and they don't use google's ad services. I find it actually entertaining that android dominates China and Google can't even touch it.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Play  
Maybe apple is trying to pull a Nokia. I can see it right now...   This newspaper's pictures where taken entirely with the Apple iPhone 5. In half of the pictures you will see the reflection of a high end nikon taking the photo.
New Posts  All Forums: