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I wonder what Samsung's Smart phone percentage is. Curious to see if they have more smartphones in people's pockets then apple does. 
Actually the first commercial android phone was released toward the end of 2008 and just to let you know that phone had a touch screen. But I am sure that you knew about the HTC Dream AKA t-mobile G1
The android notifications you drag the notification shade down from the status bar. In truth the notifications in android are superior to Apple's solution by a longshot. The samsung solution not so much. I hated the notifications on Touchwiz on my Galaxy S III but my nexus 4 its a pleasure to use.  
I love android and yeah I am confused. I would say apples Notification center is poor copy of Google's android notification but I would be wrong. It is a poor copy of Samsung's notification. /s   
When it was showed that Android shipped 73% of the phones everyone on this site said that market share is not important to apple. Now apple sold the most phones it is important?
You will see the same thing on both Sides. Three months ago when the iPhone 5 was reported to be the fastest smartphone it was all that was talked about. Now that the Nexus 4 and Optimus G are "faster" (benchmarks) specs are not important. When the iPhone 5 was shown to be the most wanted device that was all that was important. Truth is the fan boys will always say a category they are not winning in is not important and one they are is the most important. Simple fanboy...
This means nothing. I remember last year we had similar stats for the iPhone 4s. At some point between this survey and the store the people are not buying iPhones. EDIT: TBH I think this survey really shows how much influence the store employees have as to what you buy. 50+% people say they will buy an iphone, 50+% do not buy the iphone. I think that influence comes from the employees at the store.
Please tell me how did google steal from apple. An example would be great and an FYI android did look like a Blackberry clone then when the market began to want a touch screen device then it took the shape of a touch screen device. (They adapted to the market) they did not copy from apple making it a touch-centric OS. The over over all feel to the device was still like a blackberry adapted to touch. Home screen with an app drawer with your apps in it rather then a home...
YES Because only one company can ever be successful. There can only be one. People do not like competition that why Americans only buy one car, one computer and Toilet paper brand because no two companies can ever be successful. Thats why no one buys Pepsi. Both of these companies can and will be successful. They do not have to destroy the other to make a profitable business. As an Android Fan I can say this with out feeling bad... But Eric Schmidt has a Chronic case of...
Ugh are you serious. You are now been insulting to many companies who are being innovative. Just because you do not like the idea does not mean its innovation. Android and many of its OEMs have mad plenty of innovations over the last 5 years. (LTE, shrinking a 1080p screen into 5 inches, Android beam, NFC, Google now (which by the way is the popular science 2012 innovation of the year.) and many more....
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