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If you go into Gazelle.com click on Samsung then click on At&t the first four phones listed are the Captivate glide (a galaxy S II variant with a keyboard) and the Captivate (Galaxy S Variant ) those are the only android phones on the list. The Glide is 67 dollars and the Captivate is 27 but hey it is 3 years old.
Uh are you looking at the same Galaxy S III as me.      Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 Change model   Condition: Flawless Change Additional Specs Change Your Gazelle Offer $226   Offers are likely to decrease over time, so sell now to get a great price.  
  What phones where those? Where they high end phones from a year ago or did you notice that you your looking at one of the cheapest phones and trying to be a troll. 
If LG can sell the nexus 4 8gb for 299.99 I think it is possible 
What did Samsung copy from Siri. S voice is just a Vlingo client and the licenses go to Vlingo so samsung would be free from any lawsuit for that.
If there is no Microsoftoffice on iPad by the end of month I will have to get a surface tab :(
That's odd I find no such lag present on my Nexus 4. I love listening to music on my phone I have no problems with the quality and I am almost certain android has more music player apps than IOS. Try a nexus 4 out you will be pleasantly surprised at what a nice piece of tech it is (minus the lack of lte and its crap camera) its a one, if not the best smart phone you can buy
What does android have to do with it... I see people with iPhones with cracked screens all the time.    Please if you do not mind I am just curious as to what in your expert opinion is the reason that android is crap. And why is it that millions of people are buying it over the other options. One of my friends just upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S III she is not a fandroid she just liked it better (Despite me telling her the S IV would be coming out soon).
I personally dislike all of the low to no competition the big three tech companies have. Microsoft in office, Apple in Tablets, Google in search. Its not great but we all find ourselves trying the competition and coming right back. From the competition we go back due the feeling unfamiliar with the different product (in the case of google search) or the product being vastly inferior (Tablets and Office)
  In my post I stated that a student can go to the campus library and check the books out. Me and my friends saved hundreds of dollars a year by doing this. 
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