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  Phone is a galaxy nexus. I love the larger screen and stock google experience got an iPad last month. My computer is a custom made box with an Asus motherboard, Amd processor (Best performance for you buck) and video card, Western digital hard drive, Cooler master case, with a rosewell power supply. I run unbuto most of the time except for games and netflix, then its windows 7. I give my money to who ever has the superior product when I walk into the store.
I found this pretty startling I myself will by products based their performance and quality. If I find another device at a similar price that functions better then I will buy it. Sticking to an inferior product regardless of the brand name is kind of cheating your self. If a superior tablet comes compared to my iPad I will buy it regardless of the company. 
You don't know anything about nexus devices do you? They always get updated.
You could remove it and it part of the playstore app. Its similar to someone complaining about the stocks application on an iphone
Mountain lion, leopard, and cheetah are great names on the other hand.
Low end phones are not updated that much or ever. Also in the USA the carriers have the final say in an update. Not the manufacturer. The next month and a half before the close of July you will see scores of android phones updated to version 4.0.X. And if you think that google is going to stop progress on the OS because carriers and OEMS can't get their sh!t together you are wrong. As of now my phone runs the latest version of android if a new version is announced next...
Its quotes like this that make me realize how many people base their opinions of something based on unproven blog post. Android supports more then Chinese, English and Spanish. This post is so full of BS it is hard to read.     This is what you sound like   The next version of iOS will have Pull down notifications (In android since 1.5) Voice control/actions (in android since 2.2) MMS support  (In android since 1.5) Copy and paste (in android since 2.x) New lock...
Same way that the Galaxy Nexus Canibalizes all the OEMs hardware. You don't know anything about android do you?
This is a fake generally leak photos are done with the Bury cam! Until I can't see it I don't believe it.    But really    The pictures at such horrid angles leads me to believe its fake or an intentional leak. If you are leaking the device why half-ass it.
Yeah the iOS devices can play games. But they suck compared to the big name titles like Uncharted or even WoW. Some things are just not meant to happen. iOS games will mainly be for passing time and the toilet. The console market always slows and speeds up. We are in year seven of this current generation of game consoles. When the new consoles are released you will see lines for them and they will be hard to get for several months.
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