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  -- HTC is being devoured by Samsung and their advertising. I think Samsung wants to destroy android. They are using a Trojan horse strategy  They become the most power and trusted smart phone manufacturer using android. Once their brand is stronger than android they switch to Tizen. Destroying android, dozens of OEMs, and gives them a true chance at a complete vertical integration.    However this announcement for better or worse helps out apple die-hards a lot. One...
Ugh... not sure what you meant by the back button. But yes android does have a back button...Its generally right next to the home button.    Yes android uses code names for its major releases. I have never seen any large company do something like this. By the way what version is OS Mountain Lion what is going to be the next one?    I am honestly hopping for Ocelot (vague archer reference) 
Android has a home button. it does everything you just said 
    Android had better cloud syncing, Android has better notifications  Android has better maps Android has a feature that allows you to see what apps are using your data and how much they are using Android has more locking options, none, pattern, slide, pin, and password  Android has customization widgets     While I understand not all of these features don't appeal to you but for most of the population they do.
We are getting to a point where PCs are starting to stagnent people need to upgrade their computer less and less while at the same time the tablet market is still developing. Most of the computers sold today will be working just fine and do the major thing required of them internet browsing and word processing (if they are properly maintained). We don't have to worry. A tablet purchased from apple today will be far obsolete in that five year span it may not even be...
They are targeting this phone because it runs Stock android. Apple sees it this way. If they can ban the phone running stock android it will set a precedent and lead to banning all phones that run android regardless of if it is stock or Skinned. 
They have already removed that and replaced the functionality with Google-now. Apple should choose a different target this one will be hard to win. 
      You do know that most of the "Android" phones sold in china are not Google Certified and do not use the Google apps. As a result most of the phones sold in china do not get reported to Google as activations. 
The big difference if Yes while apple is an American Company they don't make much in America. Would you buy a Korean phone made by Koreans In Korea or an American phone made in china. Besides overall Quality wise I would say an S III is a Lexus while a iPhone is a Chrysler. 
I notice a lot of people confuse the words invention and innovation. Some people on this site praise one companies innovations while ignoring another saying it is not important. It seems some people let there hatred/love for one company or another blind them to the truth open your eyes and look at the real innovation these companies are working on.    Besides RIM is the only ones innovating 
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