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Same way that the Galaxy Nexus Canibalizes all the OEMs hardware. You don't know anything about android do you?
This is a fake generally leak photos are done with the Bury cam! Until I can't see it I don't believe it.    But really    The pictures at such horrid angles leads me to believe its fake or an intentional leak. If you are leaking the device why half-ass it.
Yeah the iOS devices can play games. But they suck compared to the big name titles like Uncharted or even WoW. Some things are just not meant to happen. iOS games will mainly be for passing time and the toilet. The console market always slows and speeds up. We are in year seven of this current generation of game consoles. When the new consoles are released you will see lines for them and they will be hard to get for several months.
Believe it or not, Some people expect more then what apple gives them. Some people don't want to compromise the features that mean more to them like for the S III, screen size. Please realize even normal people are paying more money on att to buy a HTC one X then it would be to buy a similar priced iPhone. People don't have to be apple haters to love an android phone. 
I would disagree with that. I find the expensive android phones are the biggest sellers. The galaxy S II is the first or second best selling phone on every network it is offered.
Lets work with ATT for a moment  Assume for a moment that 4 million of those iPhone users where upgrading from an older iPhone. While only 200000 of the android purchases came from older androids. What you get is the iPhone maintaining its customer while the android ODMs pick up more new customers increasing Android marketshare. This is market share not sells we are talking about. 
Cricket does not offer unlimited data. They reserve the right to slow you down at 1gb. They also have dirt slow speeds. "http://www.mycricket.com/cell-phone-plans#smartphone-plans" 
If Apple was to claim they have 20million preorders for the 6th generation iPhone you would believe it in a heartbeat. Why is it so hard to believe samsung can have a successful product or rather why is it that apple is the only company that can have a successful product. This idea that only apple can be good and all other companies that compete with them are liars con-artiest, evil and should be shut down. Apple is not the only good company and there is plenty of room...
This reporrt says otherwise.    I would take a 3gs to a LG 500 but I will take a Galaxy S II to a 3gs any day. I think most consumers who plan on using the smart phone will. The 3gs is even compared to some low end androids not much to brag about. The Camera sucks and no flash which is what a lot of people are buying phones for now. Coupled with the limited storage available for the current 3gs 8gb compared to getting a low end android that has a 5mp camera with flash and...
  Google has stated they will not give motorolla any special treatment. Second google is an Advertising company why would they risk cutting out potential eyes. They were also as part of the deal as speculated by china Supposed to keep android free and open for the next 5 years. So spare me with the Competing with their own OEMS they can't and won't shoot their self in the foot. This acquisition was solely for patents in less then three years motorola mobility will change...
New Posts  All Forums: