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Apple is selling it as a full fledge feature. When apple advertise Siri they are not mentioning its in a beta. We know its in a beta but the general public does not know what that means. Apple is not helping either they are not putting a disclaimer that it is a beta program. If you ask me if you push a program as vigorously as apple is pushing siri then you should release the finished product.
That would be the Marines that lead the way. The army gets the new toys but the Marines go in first and get things done.
Some people do not realize that gaming is not only about graphics. Control, immersive game play is one of the reasons people still buy consoles. Consoles at the time of their release also Has industry leading graphics at a cheaper price due to the fact the OEMs sell them for a lost. They make the cost up with the sells of software. This is how the Wii lost out. There was not enough sells of games after people purchased them. The games it came with was all people played....
I have to call you on your BS. Verizon does not carry any 4g windows phone. Hell they do not even carry a windows phone anymore.u
Because its just like a windows PC, where photos are files and they all naturally available to any program/app.
Sorry but last I checked google does not have any privacy loopholes. Instead you are met with this upon installation of a market place app: If the app attempts to access a permission that it does not state the app will not function correctly.
I don't get the rationale of some people in on this site. Yes the iPhone is a great phone. But to think that every one will buy it is nuts. Do you really think that every person wants an iPhone and some mysterious reason is holding them back? If a person wanted an iPhone bad enough they would have one. People want a phone that works for them. For some thats a cheap android phone. For others its a giant Samsung Galaxy Note others it the iPhone. Some of these post are...
Well the Galaxy line of Smart phones is the second most popular in the world (iPhone is #1 if you really did not know). Not surprising 20 million people decided to purchase on. I have one Galaxy S II that my sister uses. I use a Galaxy Nexus (I know it does not count). The line is famous and popular don't kid yourself.
I built this rig at the end of 2010. At the time the cost was around 1200, So Far other then the bad ram I had when I purchased with it(Swapped out for free). I have not had any cost with this thing other then the 600+ that I sunk to the steam store. If you build with quality you will never have any issues. I may however at the end of the year either swap out video cards or Swap the motherboard, cpu and gpu but that is the cost of ownership that comes with a gaming rig.
App store size will only matter when you have over 250,000 apps on your device. It does not matter how large the store is so long as it has the apps you will use. Anything more is irrelevant.
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