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  This does not make any sense. You are aware of that. First of all. Android is sold at more price points then the iPhone. Apple primarily targets the high end market. As a result majority of their sells are going to be in the high end market. Android as an OS is sold at all price points. Android caters to all users. Apple caters to a just one part of the market. 
Do you mean how apple updates some devices in name only? Like how it will update the iphone 4 but really not give it the new features? Like turn by turn navigation, siri, flyover, face time over data, etc.? Yes android updates are nothing to brag about but seeing as for many I device users ios 6 just added some new apps (passbook) and updated some old ones (safari) its pretty much the same as android only they get the apps updated when apple feels like it, and they loose...
I respect your opinion but I will like to just like to point out a few things to you. While I do not defend the android updates. There are some things that greatly set it apart from Apples ios updates. One of the core differences is the core apps. Where on ios the core apps are updated with the os. On android unless the app required a new api. Generally people with old android phones can still enjoy new features like the recent update in google maps.
Android has Google now which is in many ways better than siri and in some ways not as good. I love Google now so far. It is one of the most useful things my phone will do. It's transit info is amazing and the sports reports are time saving. Another plus is how it plugs into the Google ecosystem when I search movie theater times and locations on my computer, my phone will update Google now to have the directions already in it
This is the major downfall of google wallet. Google wallet is awesome for those of us who have sprint, an unlocked nexus, or can hack our phones. For everyone else your carrier says hell no. I think this is a hurdle even a company like apple is going to have some trouble with. I am interested to seeing what apple gives up to have NFC payments on its phones. 
Speaking of security isn't it around time an iPhone prototype shows up in a San Francisco bar. I think its long over do.
So the difference between 8gb and 16gb is 6.50$    Apple why do you charge an extra 100$
The truth is the way the patents are given are causing all of these problems one example of how bad the patent system is. Apple is getting a patent not on the operation of the task but on the task itself. This is different then previous patents that where handed out.   For example: If I where to say I am patenting a method for controlling the flow of an entrance by placing a movable wall that can be opened and closed across the entrance -While the previous...
  Phone is a galaxy nexus. I love the larger screen and stock google experience got an iPad last month. My computer is a custom made box with an Asus motherboard, Amd processor (Best performance for you buck) and video card, Western digital hard drive, Cooler master case, with a rosewell power supply. I run unbuto most of the time except for games and netflix, then its windows 7. I give my money to who ever has the superior product when I walk into the store.
I found this pretty startling I myself will by products based their performance and quality. If I find another device at a similar price that functions better then I will buy it. Sticking to an inferior product regardless of the brand name is kind of cheating your self. If a superior tablet comes compared to my iPad I will buy it regardless of the company. 
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