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Well the Galaxy line of Smart phones is the second most popular in the world (iPhone is #1 if you really did not know). Not surprising 20 million people decided to purchase on. I have one Galaxy S II that my sister uses. I use a Galaxy Nexus (I know it does not count). The line is famous and popular don't kid yourself.
I built this rig at the end of 2010. At the time the cost was around 1200, So Far other then the bad ram I had when I purchased with it(Swapped out for free). I have not had any cost with this thing other then the 600+ that I sunk to the steam store. If you build with quality you will never have any issues. I may however at the end of the year either swap out video cards or Swap the motherboard, cpu and gpu but that is the cost of ownership that comes with a gaming rig.
App store size will only matter when you have over 250,000 apps on your device. It does not matter how large the store is so long as it has the apps you will use. Anything more is irrelevant.
What Merger? Motorola mobility is going to be ran as a separate entity. Google doesn't want to merger in to the current business.
First of all google did not copy iOS it is really sad some people are to ignorant to understand that. First of all the way the two OSs operate is totally different. Google uses a virtual machine called Dalvic very similar to java in order to interact with the soft ware and the hardware. iOS does not use a virtual machine to interact with software and hardware it is more direct on soft ware communicates with the machine language. The next thing that is completely different...
Well if google thinks like me then they will have a different outlook. I think in terms of sports and sportsmanship. If you are playing a game of Basketball. If the opposing team starts using your tactics, you should not go running to the ref asking them to stop. You adept to it. If they start winning you should not try to stuff money in the refs pocket you should play harder to win. So I do not think if androids growth starts to stagger or even start to dissipate that...
Pantech burst uses a Micro Sim. Nothing to see here.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avTwunfm698 If you ask me I would want it now after seeing the stylus in action that is pretty ligit for a phone. I hope to see this on tablets soon. Then I would plunge and buy one.
Only rabbid apple fans who had a shrine of Steve Jobs before 2007 (the ones built after belong to posers lol) will weep.
Market share I can't say for sure if it will grow or not this year. To be honest I see people leaving and coming from iOS everyday. Some days it seems more first time buyers from android and other phones. Others it seems like more people getting large Samsung phones. To be honest I think as far as market share iOS will be stagnant while still growing in the install base from new smart phone adapters.(Remember if an existing iPhone owner buys a new iPhone it means a...
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