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You don't pay attention to whats going on do you. Apple is just as likely to license out iOS as they are to license out MacOs Apple is a HARDWARE company. They make no money off of iOS. They make money off of people buying the iPhone for iOS. Think of iOS as the cheese on the string. No one is really interested in a string but put some good cheese on it and they will be grabbing on that string. Second WTF is a iPhone look a like is this one or maybe this one ... Now that I...
Are you citing notifications or are you saying pull down notification. First its pretty obvious that apple did steal the implementation of the pulldown notification from googles build of Android. Good thing for apple they stole it from google a company that does not really care what you do to its IP that is opensource. Pretty clear that iOS did steal it from android. But then again apple does not steal ip. They don't infringe on any of the patents that are held by nokia,...
First of all google did not copy iOS it is really sad some people are to ignorant to understand that. First of all the way the two OSs operate is totally different. Google uses a virtual machine called Dalvic very similar to java in order to interact with the soft ware and the hardware. iOS does not use a virtual machine to interact with software and hardware it is more direct on soft ware communicates with the machine language. The next thing that is completely different...
"OK! New iPhones... new iPhones... gotta be some iPhones around here somewhere. Ah, here we go! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... nothing!?" Here's an idea, since making iPhones is difficult--why don't you just keep using THIS iPhone. Same one. And I can just... watch you use it. Yes. That sounds much easier." -Tim "Wheatley" Cook
It is a fact that apple can no longer compete in the smartphone market against such large players now like HTC and Samsung with just hardware and physical features that would be impossible as these companies are willing to throw all of their profits in R&D to crank out phones every other month. Apple on the other hand has always been more into releasing one product a year. In the fast advancing field of Smart phones you can't expect to make any real headway off of one...
I call BS it does it instantly on my Optimus T, If you really used it then you would know their is no delay like that. Have you tried saying "Send to text to (what ever your wife's name is saved as in your phonebook" I will be home ten minutes late...It works I bet.
So...He may only use Mac computers. Someone does not have to like every product produced by apple do they. If you watched the google I.O. Keynote you would know that the lead developers for Android where both using mac computers. This is the stupidest post ever. Disliking the iphone does not = disliking apple
Its a nexus phone all of the software is done by google. Samsung will have a very minimal part in the software creation process. Yes ICS will be stable android has been stable for the last two years on nexus phones. Genuine innovation similar to pull down notification?
I will get an email early if it will be allowed to be placed on preorder. Ill make a post on this site if I can...May not because of the NDA I signed. But if I can ill let everyone know if there will be preorders.
I work Business end user care with AT&T. Today I recieved an email stating that we are "All hands on deck" and their will be no vacation time from October to November. We are also told that if people don't pick up the overtime being offered it will be mandatory. Any opinions or statements in this post are solely my own and do not reflect the opinions of AT&T.
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