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I love Samsung as a company but they don't even make it subtle sometimes.This is S-voice off of my galaxy nexus. (Leaked APK). Its actually a souped up Vlingo
Generally I am used to just rounding up. Rather then saying 1.83 or 183 cm. Many people when it comes to height just say foot is equal to 2 meters. And depending if I have a large afro then I am 2m. 
Do you mind if I ask you how tall you are? What type of jeans do you wear. I am 2 meters or six feet tall. I occaisionaly wear skinny jeans to work. I have no problem fitting my galaxy nexus in my pockets when I where my skinny jeans. I have a friend who is 5 foot even. I had her try my phone in her pocket no problems with it in her front pocket. Besides most people who can't fit a large phone in their pocket because their pants are too tight generally can place their...
May as well cancel it with a court date that far off. Or grow up and talk it out like adults do. 
It would be smarter for them to slowly implement NFC tickets and receipts for online purchases. That way it would require in the future simply taping your ticket or phone on a door every time you get on the train. 
Read the article. If you get infected by that you deserve it. You need to knowingly accept the install and check the unknown sources button. If you just install any app on your phone even without knowing where it came from then this is a problem.  
It really is a huge step for Samsung. Just wish it had the softkey buttons of the Nexus.
You really can't go by that type of statistical survey to determine anything. Your base population is far too small and doesn't truly represent a fair selection of the american population. I work at a job where I do get to see a very diverse cross section of the American Population and even then as a Tech Support representative for AT&T I still don’t use my job to give me an idea of what Americans are using for phones. I do not get the people like our selves who are very...
General surveys range between 1000-1500 respondents. Anything else is excessive.
In their defense most don't read blogs or anything. This was a surprise for most people at my call center. In fact the iphone unlock training doesn't start until this week. At & t did this with little warning to the very people who would be unlocking the phone.
New Posts  All Forums: