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DitoWOW that video turned my opinion of the note around. I would not mind having one after seeing that.
How did they count china google doesn't have an application market in china. Instead china has several different places to download apps. Since Google does not have an official presence in china are they just counting iOS or are they digging into some of the various alternative application sources in China.
Samsung has already announced in the next two months they will be releasing an update for the world version of the Galaxy S ii. The US versions are up to the carrier. The Galaxy S they are copping out on updating that because they think people love touch wiz to much. Truth is most of the people who have Galaxy Ss don't care. No one purchased an iPhone 4 in july of 2010 so they can have iCloud in 2011. People buy a phone for what it can do at the time of purchase anything...
Correction the GSM Nexus S also runs it officially. Both over a year old and got it within one month of the code drop.
It would hurt how consumers think of them. And if you notice that is the most power full thing apple has going for them. Consumer perception that the apple product is superior without asking questions. If they stumble it will mean more consumers will stop making an iDevice their first choice and look in to comparable products (like for instance the GSIII).
Did you read my post, I know apple makes great products now. But if a flop where to occur if could be devastating for them.
I know that apple is making the lions share of the profits now. But that is not going to be a permanent thing. I think apple is aware of this also. Apple is in bubble and it will POP. This is not a industry where the competition will lie down and let apple continue to make those profits. Consider this, if apple releases the iPad 3 in the next quarter and the iPad has some huge flaw, they will lose billions and not only will they lose money but the most valuable thing they...
I have noticed I job many customers going from iPhones to Androids 4.3-4.65 inch screens seems to be the phones they move to. When I ask why they are moving most say I want a larger screen. Some becuase I dropped my iPhone and need a replacement.
I think apple will definitely have to change. People in reality don't care to much about OS, they care about price and features. Screen size is one of the growing features people want. When people find out that the iPhone 4s is not the iPhone 4gs they start to want an Android, Why? they think 4g>3g. So it comes to the point why should I pay the same for a smaller screen and slower data? (and for some consumers the list of things they would have to compromise is larger,...
YES bash the non officially announced feature in android. Bash a rumor. Depending on how it is added it could really just be the evolution of the current voice control. If you ask me an honest opinion I will tell you Siri at this point is just a gimmick in a new dress. I think in a few months people will not care to much about it. But this is just my opinion to features that do not add any real functionality to people.
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