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If we get more "nexus" like android device then Apple will really need to come up with something amazing for their next phone. This is really starting to look good. I think for now I will go with a Galaxy Nexus and maybe next year depending on how the T-Mobile+AT&T merger ends I will go to the iPhone. (I have conflicting interest in both companies , )
I like this a lot better then I like itunes. I use a Windows/linux machine, (I love gaming) from what I find itunes is a bloated joke. It is horrible to use and the reason I gave my iPod to my roommate. iTunes has a horrible habit of crashing on windows machines whether it is a Intel or AMD it is still runs like crap. Google music is web based so I can do my homework in my linux partition and still can listen to all my music from my computer. Yeah the upload takes a while.
I think Apple will barrow some of the ideas in Android 4.0, I would not be surprised if they place data tracking in one of the upcoming updates for iOS 5. They may also put in Panoramic camera on it also. Both of those are some features that don't need any additions to the hardware and the first is going to be pretty useful. (Data tracking may however need more ram.)
The Transformer Prime is going to be released next month. It will be running one. How about you wait until you get one in hand before you judge it.
one thing to note is that Samsung's smart phone growth increased over the last quarter while their over all market share stayed roughly the same. What does this mean? They are moving more people off of feature phones to Smartphones. Same with LG and many of the other giant OEMs like Motorola. They have both Smartphones and basic phones. They are not selling more smart phones and less feature phones.
Since when did google own Motorola Mobility. I know they are in the process of purchasing MM at the moment. But it is BAU until the deal goes through.
Yeah those numbers are quite low. Being a current employee at a call center for one of the telcoms I can tell what that means also. Because all of the big four are Post-paid, and their are usage charges customers are charged after they use. This means that a customer who goes his/her minute allotment will get a charge on their next month bill for it. These customer see this and then call us and want it refunded. Our policy is to re-rate them and refund them for the...
You will just get some stupid post saying he stole android and the ridicules picture of one prototype then the G1. They Fail to notice the change in market demand led to the change in the finish product. Instead they will believe Eric Schmidt sat on the board stilling ideas. Despite Apple knew for at least two years before the release of the iPhone that Google was planing a mobile operating system. They believe that it Eric would not have been asked to leave due to...
Get a Nexus if you want a device with timely updates. Most people buy a smart phone for what they can do at the time of purchase. Most don't look forward to some new feature that they plan to get in the future, if they did they would buy the phone in the future. I work for a large cellphone company. I get calls all the time from iPhones. When I have to troubleshoot the customer's issue first thing I need to do is verify if they have the most current Software their...
Gamers are not truning to iOS. Most gamers don't consider iOS a gaming platform. Yeah they have some great GPUs for a mobile device but that is only half the story in games. Most of it is controls. And with all due respect. iOS has nothing on a button controller. You can't beat buttons with Touch. You can see the difference in the depth of the games. Most iOS games are really just arcade Style games and simple racers. While a portable Has more interactive games like God of...
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