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If Apple was to claim they have 20million preorders for the 6th generation iPhone you would believe it in a heartbeat. Why is it so hard to believe samsung can have a successful product or rather why is it that apple is the only company that can have a successful product. This idea that only apple can be good and all other companies that compete with them are liars con-artiest, evil and should be shut down. Apple is not the only good company and there is plenty of room...
This reporrt says otherwise.    I would take a 3gs to a LG 500 but I will take a Galaxy S II to a 3gs any day. I think most consumers who plan on using the smart phone will. The 3gs is even compared to some low end androids not much to brag about. The Camera sucks and no flash which is what a lot of people are buying phones for now. Coupled with the limited storage available for the current 3gs 8gb compared to getting a low end android that has a 5mp camera with flash and...
  Google has stated they will not give motorolla any special treatment. Second google is an Advertising company why would they risk cutting out potential eyes. They were also as part of the deal as speculated by china Supposed to keep android free and open for the next 5 years. So spare me with the Competing with their own OEMS they can't and won't shoot their self in the foot. This acquisition was solely for patents in less then three years motorola mobility will change...
I love Samsung as a company but they don't even make it subtle sometimes.This is S-voice off of my galaxy nexus. (Leaked APK). Its actually a souped up Vlingo
Generally I am used to just rounding up. Rather then saying 1.83 or 183 cm. Many people when it comes to height just say foot is equal to 2 meters. And depending if I have a large afro then I am 2m. 
Do you mind if I ask you how tall you are? What type of jeans do you wear. I am 2 meters or six feet tall. I occaisionaly wear skinny jeans to work. I have no problem fitting my galaxy nexus in my pockets when I where my skinny jeans. I have a friend who is 5 foot even. I had her try my phone in her pocket no problems with it in her front pocket. Besides most people who can't fit a large phone in their pocket because their pants are too tight generally can place their...
May as well cancel it with a court date that far off. Or grow up and talk it out like adults do. 
It would be smarter for them to slowly implement NFC tickets and receipts for online purchases. That way it would require in the future simply taping your ticket or phone on a door every time you get on the train. 
Read the article. If you get infected by that you deserve it. You need to knowingly accept the install and check the unknown sources button. If you just install any app on your phone even without knowing where it came from then this is a problem.  
It really is a huge step for Samsung. Just wish it had the softkey buttons of the Nexus.
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