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Does this study take into the fact that the android apps are often given away for free. And are add supported. Because then the revenue is split differently between the two platforms.
Android does backups over the cloud. The thing that Apple just got into. All of your app purchases are kept on file or rather in a digital locker and you can redownload them anytime. Your contacts are sync wirelessly. Most highend android can run any non gaming app (There are many that require a tegra).And apple has much more power with the carrier then Google or any of the OEMS could ever wish for. Including Nokia and Microsoft.Android and iOS have completely different...
To be honest I think what he said is more then possible. Consider that three of the largest television makers work with Google's android, Sony, Samsung, and LG. They can easily push more of the other OEMS into doing it to compete with the rumor of the threat of an Apple T.V. The T.V.s have the hardware to do this what they will need to get is a hard drive in some of these TVs and an internet port. Remember the man has foot in the mouth disease. So 2020 to him would be 2012
I think everyone gets tired of hearing this one. "Just wait until the iPhone gets to verizon it will crush Android.""Just wait until the new iPhone "v5" comes out it will halt Android""Once the iPhone gets to Sprint it will destroy Android"Android is here and it is here to stay. It is a damn good mobile OS and their is no denying that as millions of people are buying android phones each month.I work for one of the major telecoms and I am noticing a lot of switches in...
I honestly think the Transformer can be successful. That laptop dock as an entirely new level of functionality missing from most tablets. Many of you say you want the tablet to be a "Post PC" thing and to be honest this is pretty far beyond the PC era. Easily argued further then the ipad. Being able to download files and to save them onto a flash drive is a huge plus in my book for something that people expect me to replace my computer with.
I think that the iPad is a great device. Don't get me wrong. but right now it is not a device the average consumer is calling a replacement to their computer. Most people are seeing it as a high-priced toy. When a person goes to but their college bound kid a computer for college and the average family is leaving with a Tablet then it will be a PC replacement. But now, its not. Why would in reality some-one pay an extra hundred for a Tablet when they lose a lot of...
I think that this thread has the power to get way to out of hand. Looking at some of the insults tossed about just when smartphones are brought up. I hate to see what will come up when a serious subject is involved. I know that you don't generally close threads but this can get out of hand.
Might you be a Barista? That add although probably not the most effective was pretty funny non the least.
Its an E-reader/media pad. It can't hold a candle to the iPad. You are really comparing Apple's to Grapes. I may get one just to read on the bus to work. Seven inches is the sweet spot and it does not bring to much attention.
I don't speak for all android users. But I don't play games on my phone for a reason. It sucks. If I want to play games on a mobile device I use my PSP. I don't want to play games on a device with no buttons. Its not really that good. You rave about graphics but you have to know their is more to games then just graphics. Controls being a huge part. Playing on a touch screen device means you are covering up the screen as you play, you have to deal with weird touch screen...
New Posts  All Forums: