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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avTwunfm698 If you ask me I would want it now after seeing the stylus in action that is pretty ligit for a phone. I hope to see this on tablets soon. Then I would plunge and buy one.
Only rabbid apple fans who had a shrine of Steve Jobs before 2007 (the ones built after belong to posers lol) will weep.
Market share I can't say for sure if it will grow or not this year. To be honest I see people leaving and coming from iOS everyday. Some days it seems more first time buyers from android and other phones. Others it seems like more people getting large Samsung phones. To be honest I think as far as market share iOS will be stagnant while still growing in the install base from new smart phone adapters.(Remember if an existing iPhone owner buys a new iPhone it means a...
Well for Windows based PCs I am pretty sure there was not a place where the users where getting 70% of their programs from one downloadable location at any point in time. So this is the first time something like this has been done. Second Google wants to say that the market is secured. Remember you have to agree and acknowledge that you want to allow third party apps. If some one agrees to it they know the risk. No only a malicious app that was downloaded from the market....
The google wallet that I have on my galaxy nexus is one of the biggest reasons i can not use the iphone. I love this feature its extreamly convient and fast(when the merchant knows what they are doing). I can not wait until the iphone supports this. Hopefully i would see it popping up at more then a half dozen places.
Actually it is apple. The iPhone is not locked the way normal phones are. Normal phones have a lock on them on a very basic level of the ROM. iPhones, have the lock fully baked into the OS. I seen a Gentleman purchase an Unlocked iPhone 4 in Canada a few months back. He updated it in America. iTunes read the phone as a US, GSM iPhone 4 (at the time meant ATT iPhone). After he updated his phone was locked to AT&T. The very software it placed on his phone is what locked it...
Yes the United States of America is the entire world. Your are so right, South Korea where Samsung has stated 1 in 4 phone users are have Galaxy S IIs (taken with a grain of salt) does not exist. You may not believe it but Samsung phones are popular and are only getting more popular by the day. Samsung is still reporting record numbers and they are soon to release the Galaxy S III reference phone soon (I expect it to get forked in design like the previous two).
I'll be honest I am an android fanboy. I only come to this site because the articles are ridiculously bias. Being an android fanboy I still live on this planet called earth. You my friend do not. I do not hate apple, (dislike some of the business decisions but they make some good products). All I care about is being able to get some cool phones and cutting edge apps like Google Wallet. I also hope that one day the major communication apps will get standardized option...
This is passing the Baton RIM STYLE
lol rim
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