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I am seeing a lot of arguments about profits of the world companies in there is a reason why samsung fails to bring in the profit apple does. The big difference between the two companies is actually cultural. Due to the fact apple is an American company they place stock holders first. While a Korean or japanese company places employees as priority. This is why samsung operates in Korea, employing Koreans rather then going next door to china and doing the labor for a...
visual voicemail is fair but the touch screen I think they are just taking advantage of the broken system now.
As a lover of android the reasons I use it have little to do with the iphone, I like it for its customization, and the flash capabilities (I love watching the daily show on the way to work.) I like that I have a Gameboid advance emulator on my phone, I like that I have access to the file system to add media, (I hate itunes... And windows for that matter of use linux for everything but games. So the file system is a necessity) I also loved my bigger screen. Don't...
The other poster was referring to iOS 5 which compared to the state android has been for the last few years added no new innovation intact it seemed it was mainly stuff that should have been in the os from day one.
Android has had native sync with google cloud Apps for years. The twitter is not "integrated into the os" but it works with all of features natively, if you take a picture you can share it to facebook, twitter, email, etc. Do a little research next time will you. I
You forgot that the majority of the stuff in iOS 5 was borrowed from android, blackberry os, and webOS. Google has been working on ice cream sandwich far before iOS 5 was unveiled, they actually announced it a month before iOS 5. Stop drinking the apple kool-aid and open your eyes, Google does not sit around copying everything apple does. Apple is not the masijah of technology others innovate also.
This is a smart move by hp, however I think that they will still not get the effect they where hopping for. In two months acer will release a 300$ tablet archos will soon release their first licensed android product which will include a sub 300$ tablet and one with a disk harddrive for around 360$. Android has already became a household name people know what it is now, people will prefer an android tablets over an operating system they have never heard of. Hell android by...
Really the virus thing is a joke. Just like windows the average user does not have to worry about viruses. I have only gotten one virus, let me tell you that is with getting two emails from my university telling me I am using to much download bandwidth, one threat from time Warner. To put things into perspective I download alot. Only virus I ever got was on my old blackberry. Never had any issues with windows seven and kepresky (free with my motherboard) or my current...
No one is copying apple. Android is infringing a couple of issues level patents from the 90s that are necessary for the creation of OS, however I am certain that the infringement is so deep its based on the linux kernel which is what android uses. The infringement are not based on iOS because looking like something does not mean you copied it.
Google did not copy iOS. The iphone was great phone but almost noting in it at release was new technology. Most of it was refined but little was new. Apple is infamous for taking other ideas and just improving them and taking credit for being the first with it.
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