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Pardon me for my ignorance, how exactly is the twitter integration on iOS, is it anything like the Facebook integration on Windows phone 7. I ask because on my current phone I have really good integration from twitter and Facebook on an android. It allows me to share stuff from any app with the share API in it. Will it be anything like that or more integrated.
Ahhhh... Apple does not have nearly enough money to purchase Samsung, And if they did no way the south Korean Government would allow. Believe it or not Samsung really does help that country.Edit: With more then 250 thousand koreans employed... They are the biggest Company in Korea. Being purchased by an american Company known to outsource jobs is not something the korean government will allow.
This seems way to blatent even for samsung. this can't be real. They have never used any icon close to the apple app store so why would they stupidly post it on to a wall. Come on this is too blatent.
Believe it or not most people are aware if their phone has a hard where problem or if they are not enjoying android OS. Some one will be more likely to get mad at HTC for its poor battery life and attempt another android phone like the galaxy after seeing a friends battery life.
Only one slight problem with the 27th as the day. They have not sent invites yet. They attempt to give everyone at least a week notice to make plans. They can't call it on the 26th and expect many people to drop what their doing to come. So they have really missed the cutoff date for it.
I really think you should rethink that or rephrase it. "No PC manufacturer can match that." Because you are only thinking of the large companies that all fail and make horrible low end hardware. However there are dozens of companies that make high quality computers that have a higher customer satisfaction then apple. These Companies like Silverstone, Falcom Northwest and many others have great customer service primarly because they have such a small user base and they...
I notice a lot of people are posting that they are afraid of Google selling their personal information. First of all you must realize that google sells your eyes. Google does infact use your personal information to link you to advertisements that have some relevance to you. This allows you to see adds that you care about and them to connect their clients to customers whom are more likely to click on the link. Believe it or not other companies do on a smaller scale or just...
You have no idea how many people buy apple products with little reason other then it is from apple. So many people have told me their mac is better then my gaming rig just because it is a Mac.
why would apple want to side with Oracle. Apple wants android to fail while it is in Oracle's best interest that android becomes as successful as possible that way they can get more money out of it. Apple would stand to lose by siding with Oracle on this.
I regret toinform you that me and my company sue.co currently owns the patents for posting on a web based site. We also own the password on Internet passwords we willsee you in court once the lines die down.
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