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Google music offers all of this but the free radio. It does have a radio mode. It offers videos on the app. It has curated playlist, it allows for music upload, it also includes YouTube music key its a great service but you see apple music has no compelling reason to choose it over Google music or the rest of the competition.
I use Google music on my iPhone 5 and my htc m8 just because it's Google doesn't mean you have to hate it. Worst false dichotomy ever
I'll keep my Google music we have three users on it only paying 8 a month. Plus I get commercial free music on YouTube.
Having used both design schemes extensively in the last week I have to say I overall prefer material design, however I find it does at times over use pastel colors a lot and many times it has confusing menue selections(you don't know if something is an option or just information. Ios I find to be somewhat dead and lacks a personality its pretty but lacks heart.
The only reason the Prada was dropped into this discussion was to show how ridiculous it was to compare the Newton to the note only because they have "stylus" in common.
Yeah that's why this is a clickbait article. That phone could not even make it into Samsung's pricing scheme. They are making a note 5 and a note 5 edge. Both of which will be based off of the s 6 platform
That the capacitive touch screen was not that innovative. I am basically showing how throwing the Prada out is the same thing as throwing the Newton out.Its 2015 who cares who came first both sides are guilty of borrowing from the competition. At this point I care more of what the next great product is rather then who copied who.
Please tell me how the current Samsung screens are shitty. Have you used one for more then ten seconds at a best buy when you were searching for fualts with it
...since you are not mindlessly condemning Samsung/praising apple welcome to ridicule. I agree with you its silly to make an equivication to the newton and the note but then state its not taking in account the same argument with the Prada and the iPhone.I like to consider if one subscribes to a form of ideology to make an arguement no matter how we redicules, they must be willing to accept when that exact form is used against them.
New Posts  All Forums: