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In the case of a legally aquired warrant it should be decrypted. I would not want justice to be mishandled because a piece of evidence could not be accessed. If it's just for the government sniffing purposes then hell no. On that note it only takes one screw up in America to cause drastic change. If they can proof beyond a doubt a major crime could have been prevented then they would easily get sweeping change.
YouTube relies on the Google play services plugin. Its a bandaid Google did yo keep all androids on relatively the same software APIs despite the lack of timely updates
As an android user who is primarily a lover of technology I have to say as of android is the best smart phone for me. I work for at&t and when ever my customers ask me which one is better I ask them what is better football or basketball. Then I elloborate that its based on them as a person for some android plain sucks others only can do an iPhone. I use an m8 because I don't use the camera on my phone that much I read allot on my phone so I want a large screen that is...
Actually Samsung sales a lot of phones internationally. They sale more phones then anyone else. At some point I think everyone here can agree channel stuffing becomes obvious but when you have profits to back it up they are selling. The S series may not sale as much as the iPhone but it's a successful phone line none the less.
20 dollars a month is not worth it I will stick with google music for the time being no complaints yet there and its been almost two years. 
The big news is they sold phones... Good Job blackberry.
Before anyone says android is not open check the definition of open source then go to https://source.android.com/. Sorry I just hate the post based off of pure ignorance ranting that android is not open whenever google backslides like this.
Samsung had a "plus" before apple they called it the note.
"Basic laws of nature" homosexuality appears in over 100 species in the wild. It appears in nature which by definition makes it natural.
What if apple is addressing the Microsoft Service Pro. While I know some people on this site hate anything non apple but the service pro is a great concept as a device. Imagine this: Mac OS 10 on a full touch screen that is super slim, great battery life, and when you need it has a keyboard and mouse it works with it. Apple can position it as a super professional iPad. I would buy one if priced right and toss an i5 or i7 in it and you have a day one purchase. 
New Posts  All Forums: